Eyebrow Pencil For Men

Men’s Eyebrow Pencil to Groom & Shape Your Brows

  • 2 in 1 brow brush and lead pencil for men with one side pencil and one side brush (5 colors: black, dark brown, light brown, medium brown, and gray)
  • Premium quality brow definer for men with a unique brush
  •  A lead pencil to define eyebrows that come with a brush; to achieve a clean and even look in a snap
  • Enhance the stare of your eyes and your overall appearance
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    Eyebrow Pencil


    Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil for men helps you define your eyebrows for a natural look with a soft brush. This two-sided brow kit also provides a lead pencil to fill your brows and facial hair for a clean and even style.


    Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil includes a brush to help you define your eyebrows the way you like. Simply use the brush to gently stroke your eyebrows back into place.

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    Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil also includes a pencil to help you better define your eyebrows. Simply twist the led pencil and gently shade in your eyebrows for a finishing touch.

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    Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil helps you easily define and shape your eyebrows and facial hair for a clean and elegant look. Our eyebrow pencil is exclusively designed for men and provides both a brush and a lead pencil all in one. Eyebrows are an important aspect of the face and can act as an instant eye lift if shaped and defined correctly. They ensure that your eyes become the focal point of your face with the right eyebrow routine. Easy and convenient to use, you can take on the go and use it in the morning or at night.

    When to use

    • Before heading out of the house, shade and brush your brows for a deeper look. 
    • After waking up, rinse your face, brush and shade in your eyebrows. 
    • After a nice shower brush your eyebrows and facial hair for a clean look.

    Suggested use

    Shape and groom brows and facial hair by using the spiral brush. To shade and define, twist the pencil to reveal a small amount of lead. Apply color with light pressure on your eyebrows.

    Key ingredients

    Vegetable Oil, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Mica, Zinc stearate, CI77019, CI15850, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI77891.

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