Beard Trends 2022: Your Guide to Achieve a Fresh & Good-Looking Beard

Jul 12, 2022

Beard Trends 2022: Your Guide to Achieve a Fresh & Good-Looking Beard

Fashion is ever-evolving. In a few months, what is "in" this season will be "out." However, beards, well, they're always in vogue. The manliest man always has a beard on his face, regardless of the time of year or decade.

Are mustaches trendy in 2022? Absolutely; hence, it's time to update your appearance. Give up on the conventional form you used to wear and try the best beard styles of 2022 since facial hair drastically alters a man's face shape and alters how he appears.

It served as a symbol of riches and status for the ancient Egyptians. Gauls connected the death of a person with castration, whereas Romans would groom their beards to symbolize mourning. However, for the modern male, beard styles are more of a sartorial declaration of intent than a status symbol, and picking the finest beard style has never been simpler.

a man wearing shades and hat with well-groomed beard

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to facial hair, from brief stubble to Hugh Jackman's medium beard to a long goatee. Beards reveal a lot more about you than you might believe, whether you're at the job, the gym, or partying hard. Beard styles can depict a dominant persona, a rebellious side, or even confidence.

Read on to discover the beard trends in 2022 and achieve fresh and good-looking facial hair.

Why Grow Your Beard?

Facial hair is inexpensive, adjustable, and may modify a man's face shape and radically change how he appears in jeans and a T-shirt or a suit.

A few whiskers here and there can disguise a lot of sins, make a babyface look older, and deflect attention from a thinning hairline (or chins). In other words, it enables a man to embody the ideal chameleon.

Not simply the sheer amount of styles men are experimenting with now or the number of products available to help them get the perfect appearance, but women's attitude toward beards is what distinguishes things from the last time facial hair was in popularity back in the 1970s.

Another factor that has aided is the prevalence of facial furniture among celebrities, just like tattoo designs. You can understand how far it has permeated public awareness by imaging celebrities like Drake, Idris Elba, or David Beckham without their recognizable beard styles.

Trending Short Beard Styles

Most facial types can benefit from a carefully groomed short beard style, but you might need to adjust the angles to draw attention to your greatest features and minimize your least appealing ones.

For instance, if you have a round face, you might wish to slightly shorten the sides to lengthen the face. Similar to this, giving a tiny, narrow face a little more width by leaving the sides a little longer. Do you have a double chin? To hide it, try shaving all the way down to your Adam's Apple.

If in doubt, have your beard tended to by a barber when you get your next haircut, then maintain the form at home.

man with short beard style

  • Five O’clock Shadow or Three Day Beard

A five o'clock shadow, often known as three-day stubble, is a rough and uncomplicated beard style. Allowing your facial hair to grow for 2–5 days will give you at-home designer stubble. Use a trimmer to trim your beard to 1/4" or less, being careful to keep it even all throughout. Cleanly shaving the neck will do the trick.

  • Hollywoodian Beard

This beard style has a long goatee, a thick mustache, and a broad chinstrap that runs horizontally along the lower jawline. Anyone who wants to flaunt their movie-star beauty will love it. Be patient though, since it can take 2-4 months to reach the required length for this beard style, which is roughly 1-2".

  • Short Boxed Beard

Sharp lines and contours in this well-groomed beard style provide the appearance of a box around the jawline. Anyone looking for a full-face beard (appropriate for work and play) should consider this choice. It is typically evenly clipped to be around 1/2" in length.

  • Short Rounded Beard

A short, rounded beard style looks well on faces with round, diamond, or square shapes. Although it doesn't add bulk to the cheek region, the facial hair contours to the natural curve of the face. To ensure a consistent length, you must let your beard grow for 4 to 8 weeks and trim it frequently.

  • Textured Short Beard

Compared to head hair, facial hair is substantially coarser. Additionally, testosterone makes face follicles more sensitive, causing them to twist and produce a kinked and occasionally unruly appearance. Allow the hair and mustache to grow, avoid using a beard brush, and curl the ends with premium-quality Gentlehomme Neroli Beard Balm or product for a textured short beard style.

Gentlehomme beard balm

Tips in Maintaining Short Beards

In contrast to the long, bushy beard, the short beard is understated and well-defined. A good beard trimmer and a set of beard scissors are also necessary because neatness is paramount. Additionally, a wet razor will be useful.

  • Allow this beard style to grow until it is about 1-2 cm long, then use a beard trimmer to maintain the hair neat. For pin-point accuracy, choose one with an edging blade or integrated laser guide. Always trim your beard just beyond the line to have room to properly trim it with a razor later.
  • To maintain the lower neck area smooth and remove any stray hairs on the cheekbones, use a wet razor.
  • Remove this beard style slightly after the natural line of the jaw instead of directly on the jawline (which can be ugly, especially for men with a soft jawline), or for a graduated appearance, shorten the length of your trimmer in gradual increments as you proceed down towards the Adam's Apple.

Trending Medium Beard Styles

Medium-length beards quickly give a hyper-masculine roughness to any face, just as the beardstache crosses two facial hair styles (the beard and mustache). They look equally well on a lumberjack as they do on a well-dressed city slicker.

It looks best on men with a broader philtrum (the stretch of skin between the upper lip and nose) and a prominent chin because it draws attention higher up the face. It works well on most face types but requires thicker facial hair. Similar to short beard styles, there are a few various looks you can keep to change the curve of your face.

man with medium beard style

  • Hugh Jackman’s Medium Beard

As well-known as the films in which Hugh Jackman has appeared is his facial hair. Hugh, a famous Hollywood actor, has appeared in movies as Captain Hook and Wolverine while sporting everything from mutton chops to a pirate mustache. But his most well-liked appearance is the medium stubble beard he frequently sports on the red carpet.

  • Medium Boxed Beard

A medium boxed beard style is a more well-groomed and kept full beard alternative. With a 3 guard, the sides are carefully cut, and a number 2 guard is used to taper the sideburns. A 4 guard is used to leave a little more length around the chin area.

  • Medium Round Beard

For guys with larger faces, a round beard is the appropriate medium beard type because it doesn't widen the face's natural proportions. But you'll need to be patient because a good beard takes around two months to grow. Once you achieve the length, start frequently shaping with your preferred clippers.

  • Medium Square Beard

Your face shape may vary as a result of facial hair. For instance, if you have a round face, a medium square beard style will help create angles that you might not have naturally. Trim just below the chin, but leave additional length at the sides and back of the jaw.

  • Medium Stubble Beard

Even for men with sparse or patchy facial hair, shaved beard styles look good on everyone. Even better, they don't need a lot of maintenance. According to a study by Northumbria University, women find medium-length stubble the most appealing type of facial hair. It has a traditional, masculine appearance.

Tips in Maintaining Medium Beards

Taking care of a medium beard style is similar to taking care of two very different children; you simply need to adapt your maintenance plan to suit both.

  • You can start with a full beard to get the look, or you can just let the stubble around your upper lip grow longer naturally.
  • If you grow your mustache so that the sides terminate just below the bottom lip but not past the jawline (unless the hair on your chin and cheeks is also that length), you won't appear like Yosemite Sam. Use a beard trimmer to keep the hair on your chin and cheeks at an extended stubble length.
  • Use a good mustache comb to keep the mustache part tangle-free and shape it with a little mustache wax, applying the wax evenly using the comb.

Trending Long Beard Styles

The full beard is the most difficult long beard style to pull off, in part because it makes such a statement. Men with oval faces won't have any trouble pulling it off, but if your face is anything other than an oval, you may need to do some creative cutting to make it look good.

While round faces can be lengthened by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter, slim, angular jaws and narrow faces can be softened and rounded out by keeping the sides somewhat longer.

By growing the hair on the front of your face a little bit longer than the hair on your cheeks, you can also make a fuller face appear slimmer. Consider this deft contouring to be "whisker wizardry."

A big beard can be the finest option if you're looking for the best beard styles for bald men. It doesn't mean your face can't fill in the gaps if you can't grow hair on top or don't want hair there. A dramatic contrast between a big, long beard and a bald head is sure to draw attention.

man with long beard style

  • Braided Beard Styles

Braids are not exclusively for girls, as the actor Jason Momoa demonstrates. Why not take it a step further by braiding that strong, gorgeous, long beard? Speak with a qualified barber about this beard style to take the first step toward becoming even more magnificent.

  • Curly Beard

Straight beard styles lack volume and the appearance of fullness that come with curly beards. Since each hair follicle is wrapped like a spring, it requires attentive maintenance. Using beard oil, beard balm, or a combination of both to maintain the hair hydrated and strong. Daily use of these products will help control, tame, and eliminate curls. Time to show some beard respect.

  • Faded Beard Styles

Longer beard styles can make faded beards look just as nice as short beard styles. But it's a good idea to visit a qualified barber if you want to look your finest and achieve the traditional faded style. Longer beards are considered to be more macho; fade your beard, don't fake it.

  • Full Beard Styles

Nothing is more masculine or will make you want to grow a beard more than a long, full beard style. You'll need to be patient if you want to do this look justice. It can take as long as eight weeks to grow a full beard. After that, it will require routine grooming and treatments to prevent Santa-feels.

  • Power Beard

Never undervalue a beard's ability to draw attention. This long beard style can be straight, curly, or wavy, but it must be 4-6" long to be considered. It's a thick beard for a man with tons of personality, not for the reserved and shy. Bear in mind that full beards are the new six-pack.

Tips in Maintaining Long Beards

You receive what you put into your beard more than with any other beard style, thanks to fuller growth. Don't ruin it for the rest of us by leaving the house with a wiry, matted mess hanging off your face. Society is finally accepting this shape as something that is appropriate for more people than simply shopping mall Santas.

  • You'll be able to tell when you've reached your peak beard length by growing your beard to that length.
  • Use a beard trimmer on a lengthy set to keep the length, and always trim your beard after it has dried.
  • If your beard initially seems uneven, have patience. As hair grows to fill in the gaps, they frequently close naturally.
  • Use Gentlehomme AnaGain™ Serum for Hair & Beard Growth or conditioner to keep your beard healthy, shiny, and conditioned. Use your fingers to ensure the oil gets right behind the hair because facial hair absorbs moisture, causing the skin beneath to become very dry and flaky (thus the dreaded beard dandruff).

Gentlehomme serum for hair and beard growth

  • To reduce the possibility of knots and distribute your beard oil evenly, use a beard comb or brush every day.
  • Try blow-drying your beard using a hairdryer on the cool setting to make it bushier. As you dry, gently tease out and downwards with a little comb or beard brush.
  • To give your beard a shape you can easily follow at home, get your beard expertly shaped by a barber every now and then.

Get Your Face a Gift, GROW A BEARD!

You can't tell if you can wear a beard until you try it on, much like with skinny jeans or garish shirts. Fortunately, there are several popular beard trends for 2022 that you may start experimenting with. Medium and long beards are undoubtedly worth the extra time and work, even though short beards are by far the easiest and fastest to grow.

Gentlehomme can definitely help you with your grooming needs! We offer premium skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products, specially formulated for a man’s skin and type. Reach out today through our Online Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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