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If you think washing your face with a rich face wash is weird, you’re wrong. If you think cleansing your skin on a regular basis is weird, you’re wrong and if you think that getting a facial, exfoliating your skin or taking out black heads is weird and feminine, guess what, you’re absolutely wrong. Think of yourself as a GQ model, the alpha male who is desirable and independent, who always looks sharp and is always ready for the party. Who knows that focusing on his skincare routine is as important as buying his favorite sports car, owning a luxury mansion or taking a grand vacation with friends to Europe. As a modern man, it is important for you to cleanse your skin daily, use a moisturizer, maintain your facial hair/eyebrows, take those black heads out and stay fresh and sharp. 

Modern man, modern skin, modern game

We understand that you have a busy lifestyle and that you might not have enough time to take care of your skin, and probably that’s why you ignore it. Maybe as a man, you tend to focus more on your clothes, colognes, shoes, watches and avoid investing in your skin. Imagine yourself getting ready for an event, wearing your favorite Gucci cologne, rocking that Black Armani Tuxedos and having a colony of pimples on your face. Not a nice sight to imagine, right? Then invest in a good cleanser, face mask, moisturizer and start cleansing your skin on regular basis to avoid being in that situation.

Face mask is your best friend

It is time that you should admit and accept that face mask is not your enemy and using it would not make you any less of a man. However, instead of getting some cheap low-quality masks, invest in mask that works as an antioxidant and has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. It not only hydrates your skin, but also increases the firmness and elasticity of your skin, making it clean, nourished and fresh. The best part about using a face mask is its anti-aging properties that slows down the aging process of your skin and provides moisture.  

Speaking of moisture

 Nobody in 21st century likes rough, dry and barbaric skin. And there’s nothing better than a high-quality moisturizer that soothes your skin and refreshes it. So, go out there and invest in a decent moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, hydrates your skin and instantly adapts the tone of your skin. Always prefer a moisturizer that gives your skin a natural tinted look, is light and easily applicable.    

Add a foundation to your cart

No, it’s not just for the ladies, no it’s not feminine and no it won’t hurt your masculinity. Taking care of your skin should be the most essential part of your daily routine/lifestyle but with the struggles of our daily life, it often gets neglected. Applying foundation would only take about a few minutes and will actually enhance your features and diminish your acne, dry patches and rough skin. While women tend to be more responsible of their beauty regime, men are most likely to not be as attentive towards their beauty routine as they should be. For modern and busy man as yourself, it only takes a few minutes to hide your weak skin, enhance it by applying foundation and upgrade your game.  

Patchy brows & patchy beard is so 12th century

Trim it, neat it, texture it and please maintain it. It’s time you start taking care of what actually matters. There is nothing more cringer to a woman than a patchy and disgusting beard and eyebrow. Stop spending hundreds of dollars on low quality creams, oils and tonics. Some of those are carcinogenic, non-government approved and will cause you great harm. Up your game by investing in a simple and affordable eyebrow pencil that will not only cover up your patches, but also enhance your manliness. 

End game

One of the main reason beauty routine is so neglected and abandoned by men is because of the time and effort it takes. So, when it comes to beauty for men, there shouldn’t be a long a list of products that you have to go through each day. Skin Care for men should be rather, simple, easy and have minimum possible steps. That is why Gentlehomme has created premium line of skin care products, considering your busy schedule and fast pace lifestyle. So, modern men would spend less time and effort to gain better skin results and eventually up their game and embrace that GQ model inside them. 

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