Beard Trimming Guide: Keys to a Fresh Looking Face

Aug 2, 2022

Beard Trimming Guide: Keys to a Fresh Looking Face

Learning how to give yourself the ideal beard trim at home will set your beard apart from those photo-perfect beards you see plastered all over Instagram.

Trial and error are how most guys learn how to trim their beards, so there is a lot of messing up, shaving, and beginning over.

Making sure that doesn't occur to you is our goal.

We've combined our beard trimming knowledge into one comprehensive beard trimming guide. No matter how long your beard is, we'll show you how to take care of it, grow it, and avoid common problems.

Trimming: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Essentially, trimming is a customized form of shaving. Instead of completely shaving off your beard, you can choose how much of it you wish to trim. Trimming is an excellent substitute for shaving if you're not yet comfortable doing it. In addition to being crucial for beard hygiene, it also helps you save time and money.

Tips For Growing a Better Beard

Beards are unquestionably trendy right now. Many men switch up their appearance for the winter by switching from a clean-shaven face to a full beard, even those who don't follow facial hair trends. Additionally, growing a beard or mustache has become a means to do good during this time of year thanks to Movember, which started to raise awareness of men's health challenges, and no-shave November, which focuses on cancer. It is not always easy to grow facial hair that is appealing.

It takes time, dedication, and good maintenance to grow a beard.

a portrait of a bearded man wearing gray suit

Tip #1: Clean Up Your Beard

Apply some conditioner after washing your beard with a beard shampoo. Your beard, however, needs a particular beard conditioner because it is noticeably thicker. Conditioning your beard before trimming makes it softer and simpler to cut.

It's time to brush it now as well. While trimming and shaping, you might also require a beard comb. On the other hand, a beard brush is essential for removing tangles.

Tip #2: Overall Trimming

As a rule, If you're a beginner, start trimming using a big guard first. Trim your beard consistently all over. Sweeping motion is how to cut away from your face (against the growth of the beard). Once the first round is over, repeat it with a small guard.

You can stop when you're satisfied, depending on the length of beard you prefer. Before beginning, watch some video tutorials to gain a better understanding.

Tip #3: Define Your Neckline

Precision and focus are necessary for this situation. Your beard style as a whole can be made or broken by a clearly defined neckline. If you decide to maintain your natural neckline, the job will be easier for you. But a thorough cleanup is going to be necessary.

For a flawlessly groomed appearance, choose the appropriate beard style for your face shape and make sure it doesn't extend past your jawline.

Tip #4: Define Your Cheek Line

If you master neckline trimming, shaping your cheek line will come naturally. Use the same level of accuracy, and if you're unsure, keep a reference photograph close at hand. Use a razor to create a well-defined appearance at this point.

Tip #5: Final Touches

You'll need to trim it unless you're going for a complete mustache look. If you want a close trim, use a trimmer. If your mustache only needs shape, you can also use scissors.

The last step is a must if you have a full beard and did not entirely trim it. Start shaping your beard with a pair of scissors. Minor stray hairs will still require cutting.

You have now completed the trimming of your beard. Apply some beard oil, wash your beard once more to remove the clippings, and you're ready to go.

Beard Trimming Essential Tools

The popularity of beards has increased over the past ten years, and with it, the number of beard tools available to help you manage your new beard.

However, the sheer number of grooming products on the market can be overwhelming if you're new to growing a beard. Because there are so many possibilities, it might be hard to decide what you need and don't need.

  • Beard Brush & Comb

Starting with your beard just as you usually wear it, you should trim it. To rapidly examine your beard and formulate a strategy, a decent beard brush will assist in getting all of your beard hairs lying down and pointing in the same direction.

  • Electric Clippers

To properly cut your beard, you must use electric clippers. You'll utilize them, at the very least, to define your cheek and necklines.

gentlehomme beard, eyebrow, & facial hair tweezers

Gentlehomme Tweezers for men’s eyebrows and beards will clean up your facial hair with stainless steel tweezers made for men. Our design makes removing and grabbing tiny hairs easy and effortless.

  • Beard Trimming Scissor

If your beard is short, you can get by without having these. To cut stray hairs that have grown longer than the rest of your beard hairs, however, you will undoubtedly need good-quality, sharp beard trimming scissors if you have a medium- or long beard.

Important Aftershave Beard Products

Even though your razor blade is excellent at eliminating dead skin cells and shaving hairs, it can also make your skin more prone to dryness. That's because prolonged exposure to water causes your skin to lose moisture. Applying a moisturizing oil or lotion after shaving will help keep your skin nourished and prepared for the next time.

Neroli Beard Balm

gentlehomme neroli beard balm

Gentlehomme Beard Balm is exclusively designed for a man’s beard or mustache. Our beard balm will leave your beard smooth and conditioned all day long and help reduce itching and scratching.

Beard Wash

When you begin your beard trim, you want a clean, natural beard without any product. Additionally, cleaning promotes more natural beard growth. You can use this to pinpoint the exact areas of your beard that require attention.

Anagain™ Serum For Hair & Beard Growth

gentlehomme anagain serum for hair and beard growth

AnaGain™ is a breakthrough serum that helps stimulate hair growth and reverse the effects of baldness. It contains an optimized blend of ingredients that target the dermal papilla, encourage hair matrix development, and promote healthy hair growth.

Should You Trim Your Beard Every Week?

The less frequently you trim your beard significantly on your own, the less likely that you accidentally cut off too much of it. Therefore, we advise giving your beard a weekly maintenance trim after you've trimmed it to the desired length and shape.

On average, half an inch of beard hair grows per month. Therefore, attempt to trim your beard an eighth of an inch once a week to keep it looking good.

The Neater, The Better!

Gentlehomme's beard trimming guide enables you to acquire all the knowledge to trim your beard at home. Check out some of our products on our website to achieve a neater & better beard. If you have questions, send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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