15 Best Skincare for Men 2022

Jul 24, 2022

15 Best Skincare for Men 2022

You've come to the right place if you're seeking men's skincare products to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Consider facial cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, face moisturizers, masks, vitamin-C serums, aftershaves, shaving creams, and eye sticks based on your individual needs. To achieve a skincare routine, you might require a few different products.

Read more for a carefully compiled list of the top skincare products for men that will improve your appearance and skin health and offer fantastic value.

Evolution of Men’s Skin Care Routine

Nowadays, skin care is not just for women. MenScience examines the evolution of men's skincare and grooming trends over time and explains why modern men are fortunate to have access to a wide range of products that can make them feel and look their best.

While many believe that using high-quality men's skincare and grooming products will undermine their masculinity (something they claim their fathers would never do), the truth is that using these products does not make one "less of a man" compared to guys from earlier generations.

Over time, men's skincare and grooming products have greatly improved. We're confident that dad (or great-great-granddad) would have used potent sunscreens, more efficient shaving equipment, and superior ingredients if they had been accessible back then. Consider your face, hair, and body as a car: whether it's a new BMW or a vintage Dodge Charger, you'll be able to get fantastic mileage for many years if you utilize the best tools available to maintain it.

Identifying Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is the first step in using the finest men's skincare product for you. You could have combination skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, normal skin, or dry skin. Let's discuss the various skin types:

  • Normal Skin - Not too sensitive, dry, or oily describes normal skin. It displays a balanced skin tone and is transparent and even.
  • Dry Skin - Dry skin can occasionally peel and feels rough or dry to the touch.
  • Oily Skin - Men with oily skin create more sebum, which makes their faces appear glossy or greasy. Sebum plugs the pores, which makes acne an issue.
  • Sensitive Skin - Many products can sting, burn, or irritate sensitive skin, so if your skin is sensitive, opt for a product designed especially for sensitive skin.
  • Combination Skin - Dry patches and oily patches are both possible with combination skin. If this describes your skin, you might need to look for products designed for all skin types or combination skin.
  • Mature Skin - The term "mature skin" describes skin that has begun to exhibit some aging characteristics, such as thinning, a lack of suppleness, or fine lines and wrinkles.

Know the 15 Best Men’s Skincare Products in 2022

1. Collagen Eye Cream

Gentlehomme collagen eye cream

Collagen Eye Cream is infused with collagen and caffeine to help reduce puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles. Additionally, caffeine may help reduce the build-up under your eyes which could contribute to puffiness. Collagen, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid can provide an eye serum solution that may firm, tighten, and restore the skin.

2. NEROLI Face Moisturizer

Gentlehomme neroli face moisturizer

Face Moisturizer is exclusively designed for a man’s skin. This skincare formula is an ideal moisturizer to add as part of a men’s skincare regimen. Our neroli oil-infused moisturizer will leave your skin feeling and looking fresh all day and night.

This cream can also be used as a moisturizer for oily skin. Gentlehomme moisturizer for men can help hydrate, renew and rejuvenate your skin. This advanced lotion can help your skin look clearer, healthier, and younger. We used neroli, a pure essential oil, to give a fresh scented perfume.

3. Coconut Face Mist

Gentlehomme cocout face mist

Face Mist is a unique 3-in-1 men's skincare solution. This water and facial spray are infused with coconut to help provide your skin with the moisture and hydration it needs. This men’s formula has vitamin B5, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid.

A face mist can become an essential skincare routine as it makes a great cleanser for dry and sensitive skin types. Aloe vera is known to help heal the skin with its gel-like substance coming from that plant. Aloe Vera can be absorbed easily, which makes it ideal for oily skin or to help moisturize dry skin.

4. Acne Spot Eraser

This acne spot remover is essential if you're a young man who struggles with the occasional zit. Salicylic acid, a well-known zit-zapper, is a chemical that absorbs oil to a 2 percent concentration and is present in Acne erasers.

Additionally, you can gain from calming substances that prevent dryness or irritation, such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil. This solution can be your go-to choice in case of an urgent pimple because you can see benefits in as little as two hours.

5. Probiotics & Enzymes Body Wash

Gentlehomme probiotics and enzymes body wash

For any male, Probiotics & Enzymes Body Wash is a contemporary shower gel option. Our mixture is enhanced with calming components that will moisturize your skin. To support the health of your skin, Gentlehomme body wash blends organic ingredients with additional nutrients. Use during the shower or bath every day, morning and night, without risk.

With an all-in-one solution designed specifically for guys, you can add probiotics and enzymes to your body wash. Improve the equilibrium of your skin, advance, and savor the satisfaction of having healthy skin.

6. Advanced Collagen Mask

Gentlehomme advanced collagen mask

Advanced Collagen facial mask is also infused with fermented black rice extract rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and trace elements. Together, these nutrients can help regulate the synthesis of the structural protein collagen. Thus Collagen cream for men in a mask format can support collagen synthesis and nourish the skin inside and out.

This advanced collagen moisturizer sheet mask is formulated with rice bran peptides, a natural source of ceramides. Rice ceramides have the unique ability to help maintain skin barrier integrity. That men's collagen masks can also help moisture, hydrate the skin throughout the day, and help reduce water loss.

Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask provides a fast and convenient solution for masculine collagen and elastin to thrive. Together, these collagen-supporting ingredients work synergistically with our nano-collagen to help slow down the aging process for guys.

7. Men's Balls & Private Parts Deodorant

Gentlehomme men's balls and private parts deodorant

A man’s intimate part can get sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable after a long day out. This can lead to balls being sticky, stinky, or even chafing. This is why we have created Gentlehomme Men’s private Parts Deodorant.

This can be used for your satisfaction, as well as for your partner’s enjoyment. Once you use Gentlehomme Men’s Private Parts Toner, your balls will stay dry, moisturized, and smell good all day and night. Your partner will only be asking for more.

Made with soothing aloe vera and witch hazel, Gentlehomme private parts toner for men is formulated for your most intimate parts down there. Aloe vera can help soothe the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. When applied to the skin, witch hazel may help with skin irritations. Additionally, we have added glycerin which is a great help for the skin to retain its moisture.

8. Liquid Exfoliant

Salicylic acid is present in this product at a concentration of 2%. It is useful when removing excess oil and thoroughly washing the skin. This product improves the tone and texture of your skin by removing dead skin cells to eliminate the excess sebum that contributes to acne.

Applying this lotion is straightforward; Use a cotton pad and use moisturizer after.

9. Tinted Moisturizer

Gentlehomme tinted moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer will give you a natural-looking suntan any time of the day or night while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Our bronzer cream for men can adapt to your skin easily and blends in with a semi-matte finish.

This lightweight face cream for men formula is ideal for all skin types (oily, dry, sensitive, combination, normal) and will adjust to your skin tone. This formula will help minimize pores, small blemishes, and under-eye circles to revive your look and create a healthy-looking and natural tan.

Tinted Moisturizer for men will nourish and condition dried-out skin and give you a refreshed feeling. It will leave your skin hydrated and will help support skin elasticity. This formula is made with coconut oil for better hydration and is odorless.

10. Regener® Eye Roller Serum

Gentlehomme regener eye roller serum

Eye roller is formulated with caffeine to help reduce puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles. Additionally, caffeine may help reduce the build-up of blood under your eyes which contributes to dark circles. Since caffeine is filled with antioxidants, it’s a great ingredient to use as an eye serum to firm, tighten, and restore the skin.

Strengthen the surrounding skin with an anti-aging eye roller serum. Gentlehomme Eye Roller is a great solution for puffiness and under-eye darkness. Infused with essential vitamins and ingredients, our eye roller will help rejuvenate the skin under your precious eyes.

11. Retinol Complex Serum

Gentlehomme retinol complex serum

Retinol Complex Serum is an advanced solution for a man's facial skin. This serum is designed to help with aging and moisture and smoothen the skin. Using the serum daily may help with giving your skin the essential moisture it needs to look and feel youthful.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and aloe vera, this serum is designed for a man's skin. Make retinol serum part of your evening routine by using a few drops. Only a small amount is enough to feel and see a big difference when used daily on a clean face.

12. Men's Lip Repair Balm With SPF 15

Gentlehomme lip repair balm with SPF 15

Lip Repair Balm is the perfect solution for any man looking to moisturize chapped and cracked lips. Give your lips the hydration it needs to get fresh and kissable lips.

Combat chapped lips with a matte-finish lip balm made for a man's skin and lips. Made with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, this lip balm will protect and nourish your lips in a matter of seconds.

13. Vitamin C Face Serum

Gentlehomme vitamin c face serum

Vitamin C Face Serum is formulated with magnesium ascorbic phosphate. The extract is a stable antecedent of vitamin C, achieving a constant delivery of vitamin C into the skin, and has antioxidative effects. It helps stimulate collagen production and maintain skin hydration.

This premium Vitamin C face serum is designed for men of all skin types, including sensitive, acne-prone, oily and dry. We created Gentlehomme to give men the option to also take care of their skin with products exclusively made for their skin. We pride ourselves on sourcing every ingredient from the purest forms and offering the highest quality products for dudes.

14. Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Gentlehomme hyaluronic acid face serum

Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum is formulated with vitamins. The extract codium tomentosum is rich in vitamin A which is helpful for the skin in various ways. It encourages deep layers of the skin to produce healthy skin cells. Our formula also includes vitamin C and E for added benefits.

This premium Hyaluronic Acid face serum is designed for men of all skin types, including sensitive, acne-prone, oily, and dry. We created Gentlehomme to give men the option to also take care of their skin with products exclusively made for their skin.

15. Clay Mask

This skincare item is highly recommended for men who struggle with oily skin. Deep pore cleansing, apply the mask once to three times each week. Bentonite and kaolin clay is used in this product for an additional level of washing, while lactic acid works to moisturize and exfoliate dead skin cells that cause the skin to age and become dull.

Your skin will be refreshed and softened by oils and plant extracts in this product. Although you may apply this mask once a week if you have regular skin, it is excellent for guys who occasionally have acne.

The Morning Skincare Routine

For the sake of this tutorial, we'll stick to the fundamentals: cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect. Your precise order of operations can be as simple or robust as you choose. Proceed as follows:

  • Cleanse

In the morning, you must first cleanse your face. The dirt, toxins, filth, and germs that can all lead to inflammation or acne must all be eliminated. You may apply your other skincare necessities to clean, freshly prepped skin.

Your cleanser might be a gel or a hydrating, oil-based product. Smoother skin should result from using this lotion.

  • Treat

Although it's not a fundamental component of a daily skincare regimen, you should include it once you've established a routine that includes cleansing the face, applying moisturizer, and wearing sunscreen. It's not necessary to treat your skin every day; instead, attempt to do so one to three times each week.

Products that address skin problems are used in treatments. Toners or formulas made to reduce hyperpigmentation, treat acne, or lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be among these items.

  • Moisturize

After washing your face, moisturize to rehydrate your skin and protect it from free radicals and other environmental irritants. Lack of a moisturizer can significantly lower your skin's degree of defense, which results in problems like dryness, irritability, and inflammation. Finally, not utilizing a moisturizer might result in dullness and wrinkles.

  • Protect

The last step in your morning skincare routine is to add sunscreen. It should be applied on top of your moisturizer or be part of your daily moisturizer.

The Evening Skincare Routine

It is challenging to get out of bed when you're weary and sleepy to brush your teeth, wash your face, or even commit to a nighttime skincare routine. However, maintaining healthy, youthful skin requires a regular skin care regimen.

We'll go over some of the benefits of having a nightly skin care regimen as well as the ideal sequence to follow:

  • Cleanse

All skin types must cleanse their skin at night with a gentle cleanser, even if they have dry skin. As mentioned before, dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells all build up on the surface of your skin throughout the day, so you need to cleanse your skin before all that gunk clogs your pores.

  • Treat

The final step in a self-care skin care program is a serum. To address skin issues, they employ concentrated substances. Knowing your skin issues can help you choose the best one for you.

Look for a moisturizing serum that contains hyaluronic acid if you're worried about dryness. Try a vitamin C serum if you'll acquire radiant skin and an even skin tone. Choose a retinol serum if decreasing the look of wrinkles and fine lines is your main priority.

  • Moisturize

You can employ a variety of hydrating techniques at night. It's entirely OK for some folks to use the same moisturizer in the morning and at night! Others, though, choose to use a different one at night.

It can be challenging to utilize night creams since they are often richer and thicker and may not absorb as quickly as face cream or lotion you would use during the day.

Additionally, to aid skin renewal while you sleep, frequently use night creams that contain chemicals like retinol or hyaluronic acid. Don't fear that you can't benefit from a night cream if you have oily skin; simply seek creams that contain lighter, non-comedogenic moisturizers like argan oil. There are night creams that will work for oily and combination skin as well.

Be mindful to always apply beard oil as the last part of your regimen. You may technically use beard oil morning or night (or whenever your beard feels dry). Because of their occlusive nature, oils block everything.

While a conditioning beard oil may feed the hairs and keep them silky, a heavy product has the potential to clog pores and cause breakouts. Another useful recommendation is to "keep oils on the hair and try to prevent skin contact."

3 Things You Must Avoid In Your Skincare Routine

People are habitual creatures. When we become accustomed to something, especially if it appears to work, we frequently continue doing it that way. When it comes to skincare, this can be beneficial. If we regularly wash, tone, treat, and moisturize our skin, we're more likely to have healthy, youthful-looking skin for the rest of our lives.

However, our habits may turn against us. We're inclined to continue the same regimen even if we start breaking out, notice more fine lines, or experience more sagging. We're accustomed to performing the same actions repeatedly, and because the rest of our lives are so hectic, we don't give them much thought.

This requires us to be more adaptable with our everyday skincare regimen. What practices should we continue, and which should we let go of?

We concentrate on those steps you should let go of. Here are three steps that, if you desire youthful, glowing skin, you should stop performing right away. You could have been doing these, or you might not, just in case.

Using Different Products at the Same Time

It's simple to fall into this one. Today, we have a variety of things to choose from. Additionally, we are exposed to media pictures that show us our imperfections and commercial advertising that promise to fix them.

Previously, we focused on washing, toning, and moisturizing, but today, most of us also worry about anti-aging therapies, exfoliating, and masking. These are beneficial additives since they aid in the skin's ability to fend against the effects of aging, but we shouldn't overdo the good stuff.

You may use too many products if you're experiencing breakouts, irritation, sensitivity, redness, or flaking. Your skin is probably overworked if it exhibits these signs, especially if you have recently started using new products. Revert to your basic cleaning, toning, and moisturizing routine, and then gradually add exfoliation 1–3 times per week (depending on your skin type), a serum (perhaps every other night until your skin adjusts), and masks as necessary.


We enjoy exfoliating. It evens out skin tone and makes skin seem more fresh and dewy.

The exfoliating portion of our process, though, can be overdone. Most specialists advise between 1-3 times per week, but it depends on your skin, the exfoliator used, what's going on in your life, the time of year, and your food.

Particularly oily skin types enjoy exfoliating because they believe it helps to lessen greasy skin and the appearance of huge pores. However, the skin will grow strained when it is over-exfoliated or washed. More sebum is naturally produced as a protective measure, which results in more oil production and clogged pores.

There is no schedule for how many times a week you should exfoliate. Check your skin for any changes. You're doing well if it's clean and healthy. You could be overdoing it if your skin is greasy or starting to get dry and thin.

Incorrect Order of Product Application

Everyone was instructed to wash, tone, and moisturize.

These three phrases rang in most of our ears when we started taking care of our skin in our teens. Therefore, when anti-aging serums, exfoliators, and masks became popular, we automatically believed they must all come after that rigid three-step procedure.

However, if you delay using your serum until just after moisturizing, you're doing it wrong and risk losing money. Moisturizers sometimes have a higher weight or consistency, which prevents lighter solutions from reaching the skin.

So, change how you think to reflect this; Cleanse, use toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Establish the Best Skincare Regimen with Gentlehomme!

The quality of your skincare regimen depends on the items you use. While high-quality products can improve the appearance of your skin now and in the future, low-quality products can have the opposite impact and even be harmful.

Gentlehomme is providing you with the best skincare for men, including the best products to apply. We have these products for you to have a brilliant experience when it comes to your skincare regimen. If you have questions, send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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