Makeup for Men: DOs & DON'Ts for Beginners

Jul 4, 2022

Makeup for Men: DOs & DON'Ts for Beginners

Men's makeup has been popular in recent years. Men are carefully applying cosmetics to draw attention to their best features and project an air of confidence and professionalism, whether it's through emphasizing their dense brows or contouring their masculine faces.

Unbeknownst to some, men have worn makeup for the majority of recorded history. While it may not be as popular today, changing attitudes about gender norms have raised interest in men's cosmetics, both as a means of self-expression and to look one's best.

Gentlehomme discusses the DOs and DON’Ts of makeup for men to help guys, especially beginners, enhance their looks and conceal imperfections. Read on!

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Should You Wear Makeup?

Even now, some individuals still think it's improper for guys to use cosmetics, frequently considering it feminine or suggestive of homosexuality. But you shouldn't let other people's feelings dictate what you want to do, just like you wouldn't deal with individuals who find dressing up unusual.

So, we comprehend that it can occasionally feel intimidating to do anything other people might perceive as improper or unmanly. But it's crucial to remember that makeup is for any gentleman who wants to wear it, regardless of whether they identify as gay, straight, masculine, or feminine.

It also implies that it's totally acceptable if you don't want to wear makeup. However, if you're considering giving cosmetics a go, we'll walk you through the basics of men's makeup and what you need to avoid.

DOs of Men’s Makeup for Beginners

Never before has the reality that guys use makeup been more open. It's time to teach the trade secrets to all the enquiring men in our life. Yes, they can contour their beards, but that doesn't make them immune from vanity issues.

DO: Moisturize Your Face & Neck

It's time to treat the neck and the remainder of the face so that the skin looks refreshed and healthy. Gentlehomme Face Moisturizer for Men has collagen, stem cells, and vitamins all in one, hydrating, renewing, and helping rejuvenate your face and the skin around it, including your neck.

DO: Choose the Right Base

Less is definitely more when it comes to providing total coverage (think uneven skin tone and covering any blemishes). By this, we mean deciding whether to use Gentlehomme Tinted Moisturizer or foundation—you shouldn't really need both!

In contrast to tinted moisturizer, which is a thinner version and provides lighter coverage than a foundation while also adding moisture (win-win! ), the foundation provides a very good base that can be used alone or in conjunction with other products.

DO: Lay the Foundation

Some males start bricking when they hear the term "foundation" (see what we did there?). It makes sense because it appears to be "proper" cosmetics, which it is. However, choosing a quality brand and applying it correctly can significantly but subtly alter your image. It's best to use foundation (or tinted moisturizer, if you want to add some color, too) to even out skin tone, cover up flaws, and just generally make you look younger.

DO: Achieve the Most Natural Look

The abundance of solutions on the market, each claiming to improve certain aspects of your skin, might be overwhelming. However, the following formulas should be avoided if you're looking for a concealer or moisturizer to produce a straightforward, natural look:

Some cosmetics offer skin moisture and a lovely shine, while others give it a shimmering sheen. Avoid using any products containing shimmer in the mix. Maintain a very light application so that there is a gloss to it, and the skin may show through for a really natural look.

Dewy formulations, products that claim to give you "glowing skin," and anything with iridescence or glitter should all be avoided.

DO: Establish a Skincare Routine

It's crucial to take proper care of your skin since it keeps it healthy. Because you shed skin cells continuously throughout the day, it's critical to maintain healthy, radiant skin. An efficient routine may repair wrinkles, prevent acne, and keep your skin looking great.

Tips in Building a Skincare Routine:

  1. Wash your face with an exfoliant. Dead skin cells are removed with exfoliants, which improves the way makeup adheres to your face. Use Gentlehomme Face Wash Booster as an exfoliant. Don't hammer it home. Instead, give it a little pat or massage. Then, use a towel to pat your face dry. Use the exfoliant two or more times each week. Before applying makeup, your face should always be washed.
  2. Apply toner to hydrate your skin. Every time you use a cleanser, use a toner to refresh your skin. Pick up a cotton ball or makeup pad. Use it to dab the toner across your face after dipping it in a small amount of the toner. Your skin will remain soft and supple.
  3. Protect your skin with a 15 SPF moisturizer. When used in the morning, moisturizer protects your skin from the sun. It can also be used at night to prevent the development of wrinkles and other blemishes that ruin makeup. Try to choose a product with an SPF of 15 or higher. Over your face and neck, rub it.
  4. Clean off your makeup at night. Before going to bed, always remove your makeup. Make sure to wash your face at night to avoid leaving stains on your pillow. Your face will be clear of any makeup, thanks to a cleanser.

DO: Believe that Less is More

Another mantra we really like, and with good reason too! When most guys start using makeup, their top priority is to avoid seeming like they're wearing it, and one of the easiest ways to make sure this doesn't happen is to choose light coverage, regardless of the specific items you use. Also, try to avoid putting any product on your sideburns or beard, as this can be a massive giveaway that you're wearing makeup.

DON’Ts of Men’s Makeup for Beginners

Continue reading if you are a cosmetics newcomer and wish to avoid making beginner blunders. To polish your appearance and obtain a sharp and brilliant look, guys should avoid certain frequent cosmetics blunders that we've compiled.

DON’T: Fail to Prep Your Skin

In order to ensure that the remainder of your makeup has a smooth base and texture and has major lasting power (we're talking morning commute to post-gym session), you must prepare your skin. You might not be surprised to learn that primer, which helps you maintain your makeup all day and gives you an airbrushed effect, should be the first item in your beauty routine.

DON’T: Overdo the Brows

Who doesn't adore thick, voluminous brows? Everyone does, but the issue arises when you use the incorrect shade to fill in the sparse parts of your brows. Additionally, it appears strange if your brow color and the color of your beard don't match.

For better results, you may check Gentlehomme Eyebrow Collection!

Gentlehomme - The Eyebrow Collection

Tips in Filling in Your Brows:

  1. Brush your eyebrows into shape. Start by moving toward your face's middle. To lift the hairs, make light strokes. Up till the thin area of the brows, keep repeating this. As you near the end, brush to the side to create a point at the end of your brows.
  2. Pluck your eyebrows with tweezers. Any stray hairs can be plucked off with Gentlehomme Beard, Eyebrow, & Facial Hair Tweezer. Grab each hair and remove it one at a time. Work slowly to avoid thinning your brows more than you want. Consider taking a step back from the mirror to assess the appearance of your brows. Your face features should be complemented by well-groomed brows.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil. Against your brow, gently press the pencil. Look for the spot on your head where the hairs start to lean to the side. To add color, use brief strokes to the side. Start at the bottom of your brow and work your way up to fill in any vertical hairs until your eyebrows appear full. Use Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil for Men for best results!
  4. Hold the hairs in place with brow gel. Apply Gentlehomme Men’s Eyebrow Gel to the brush. Once more, lightly brush your brow with the brush. The part of your hair that slopes towards the side of your face is where you should run the brush. Stroke upward from the bottom of your brow toward the vertical hair once again.

DON’T: Pick the Wrong Shade/Tone

Concealers are regarded as a necessary ingredient for men's grooming. You are making a mistake if you conceal your acne, eye bags, and imperfections with the same concealer. As an example, the area around your eyes may be darker than the rest of your face. These areas naturally have varying tones.

Swatching it on your face is preferable, but if you can't do that, check the undertone of your skin on the back of your wrists to see if it is chilly or warm. Veins that are blue or purple usually indicate a cool undertone, whereas veins that are green or olive indicate a warm undertone.

Based on that, you can choose a color range that you believe closely matches the skin tone of your face and either purchase the neutral, warm, or cool variation. There is also the simple option of testing the product out at home and returning any that don't work, which some stores allow you to do.

Gentlehomme - Concealer Stick for Men Color Guide

Make sure you are purchasing men's concealers with your goals in mind. Gentlehomme Concealer Stick for Men has 4 shades to choose from, perfect for guys exploring for concealers.

DON’T: Ignore the Neck Area

Everyone wears cosmetics to accentuate their facial features, but they frequently overlook their neck region. Remember that your neck, after your face, is the area that is most exposed. The region behind your chin will appear isolated and unusual if you only pay attention to your face. Additionally, it may make you appear older than you actually are, which is not at all attractive.

Don't forget to put makeup on the area around your neck. If you have fine wrinkles and veins there, it may make you appear older. Use a brush or your fingertips to lightly apply foundation in a similar tone to the area around your neck.

DON’T: Tolerate Dry & Chapped Lips

The secret to a smooth and full pout is lip balm. Dry lips will interfere with the carefully chosen lip colors. The game is done! After some time, you would come to the realization that you were mistaken.

Gentlehomme Lip Repair Balm for Men now has SPF 15, repairing and hydrating chapped lips while protecting your lips against the damaging UV rays.

DON’T: Choose a Low-Quality Brand

Not all cosmetics are made equally. As a result, you'll want to ensure that you're favoring ingredients like: titanium dioxide (which has protective benefits and is also used in sunscreen); vitamin E (which helps to soothe and heal sensitive skin and prevents premature aging); and moisturizing agents like coconut oil and avoiding those that contain lanolin, which can clog pores and irritate sensitive skin.

You may also be tempted to just steal your missus' makeup when she's not looking. But, a male-specific makeup line is something you should truly invest in because men's skin is different from women's in terms of texture and thickness.

Explore premium men’s skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products, like Gentlehomme, formulating products specially designed for a man’s skin and taste.

Enhance the Natural Beauty in You with Gentlehomme!

We all have skin imperfections and personal insecurities. And the best way to conceal these and present the best version of you is through the power of makeup. However, choosing and applying cosmetic products is not as easy as tying shoelaces - there are steps to follow and things to avoid.

Now that we already have tackled the DOs and DON'Ts of makeup for men, especially for beginners, you have no reason not to rush to the supermarket and start your initial collection or visit Gentlehomme!

We are a premium cosmetics brand, specializing in high-quality skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products for men. If you need further details on starting your makeup kit/collection, you can reach us through our Contact Form or give us a call at +1-424-290-1860.

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