Facial Kit for Men: Tips to Look Fresh All Day

Nov 3, 2022

Facial Kit for Men: Tips to Look Fresh All Day

Contrary to popular opinion, skincare was never merely a want but is a necessary routine to ensure healthy facial skin. It was never an exclusive thing for a specific majority; it was and is a general self-care routine. It was to help improve an individual's skin condition, increasing self-confidence. In a women-dominated industry such as the field of skincare, Gentlehomme has stepped up the game of self-care and shares a facial kit for men to achieve that long-lasting freshness.

why should men use facial kit products?

The skin is the largest organ in contact with the outside world; it acts as a barrier and protects the internal system, which is vital to our overall health. This is why necessary practices are highly recommended to maintain and guarantee a strong barrier; this is where skincare and facial kit products come to play.

Most men assume that skincare is more of a want rather than a necessity, which will only increase their chances of getting skin diseases or conditions. Committing to a skincare routine and facial kit products are recommended to help prevent sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and limit blemishes.

8 Tips to Look Fresh All Day

Looking fresh may seem like an effortless approach to being attractive. To achieve it, one must survive inevitable factors such as climate, the people we encounter daily, and some other random details that will test our patience. Others may not know this, but to maintain the look, one must commit to a routine to be the better version of themselves that they have envisioned. We share with you some of the most effective tips by the experts for that all-day freshness.

  1. Attitude - Although all the negativity life throws at us, no matter how hard life is, try to look at the brighter side and let go of all that negativity; Schedule to meet unpleasant individuals and prepare enough energy to handle that encounter. Listen to inspiring and mood-enhancing types of music to bring out that million-dollar smile.
  2. Exercise -Aside from the physical benefits of exercise, perspiring also levels up the energy that gives our face that radiant glow. Raising your heart rate helps maintain skin to look great by increasing circulation and collagen production, which results in younger, softer, and more elastic-looking skin.  
  3. Body Care - Always enjoy a cool shower with refreshing body wash and shampoo; every after-workout session. Look fresh, be fresh.
  4. Food - As much as possible, reduce your sweets, fatty, and spicy food consumption; better increase your Omega 3 intake. It does not matter if it is via fresh fish or through supplement; study shows that it helps protect the skin from UV rays and possible skin irritant and seal in moisture.
  5. Take care of your teeth - A smile is our best asset; thus, it should be prioritized, as well as after taking care of the body. Do not forget to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and have a monthly dental check-up; Additionally, for that extra clean teeth, floss and use mouthwash.
  6. Build your own facial kit - To help you maintain that freshness keep the following in your bag at ALL times:
    1. Breath freshener
    2. Compact (combats oiliness)
    3. Facial spray
    4. Travel size deodorant
    5. Small tub of moisturizer
    6. Wet wipes and dry tissues

Must-Have Products to Include in Your Men’s Facial Kit

Face Wash Booster

Purifies and gently rids skin of impurities, oil, and dirt that the skin has collected throughout the day. Regular facial washing removes such impurities and will result in cleaner and fresh-looking skin.

Gentlehomme Face Wash Booster is an effective 2-in-1 travel-sized power scrub and face wash formulated for men it eliminates breakouts & acne without stripping your skin of moisture. Unclogs pores and prevents the buildup of dead skin cells.

Shaving Balm and Aftershave

Men frequently shave their beards ideal to keep a shaving balm on hand, lessen skin irritation and improve overall skin health. You must purchase plant-based ones without alcohol to avoid skin drying and feeling stung when using.

collagen face mosturizer

Everybody want to look fresh and put together 24/7. And to achieve this, there's a need product that will keep the skin moisturized but not to the extent of becoming oily. Men are naturally active people who need good skin products that will protect their skin from the harshness of the sun, pollution, and other forms of stress.

Gentlehomme Collagen Face Moisturizer is a natural face moisturizer that helps with tissue restoration strengthens skin and improves elasticity and hydration. With skin-reviving collagen that prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and skin redness. 

Serum or treatments

Men often lose collagen most of the time, so it is recommended that they invest in quality treatments perfect for battling wrinkles and fine lines.


Building Your Very Own Facial Kit

Basic. Start your skincare journey.

Step 1: Facial Cleanser 

Cleanse skin without getting rid of good oils for moisture. Choose a cleanser according to your skin type; for better results, regularly use it during the day and night.

Step 2: collagen Eye Cream

Fixes dark circles, puffy bags, wrinkles & fine-line problems in the under-eye area. Perfect to apply after cleansing every day and night.

Step 3: Moisturizer

Facial "lotion" or "gel" helps moisturize skin and keep it from feeling dry. Apply after the eye cream to lock in moisture.

Step 4: SPF

Protects skin from the sun's UV rays to prevent skin cancer. Make sure to purchase a skin-hydrating type of sunscreen. Apply daily and re-apply every two hours.


Intermediate. Let's move it up a notch.

Step 1: Chemical Exfoliation

Gets rid of dead skin cells that will possibly clog the pores. Appy before other products and use once or twice a week after cleansing. 

Step 2: Serum

Impart active ingredients and nutrients onto the skin efficiently compared to moisturizers, with several kinds that cater to specific skin concerns. Apply after cleanser and before moisturizer. Use it twice a day, day and night.

Step 3: advanced collagen mask for men

Acts as a supplement to the skincare routines with many concentrated ingredients compared to serum, it also has a wide range of variety for specific skin concerns. Use once or twice a week.


Advanced. Welcome to the big game.

Step 1: Retinol complex serum

Vitamin A which turnover cells and battles signs of aging, it's considered an advanced type of product due to its harsh effect on sensitive skin, and once you commit there's no turning back. Add it to your night skincare routine, use it after washing your face, and before applying other products.

Step 2: Toner

It can act as a second cleanser, but it is mainly to balance the skin's pH after cleansing. You may use a cotton pad to swipe it on your face after cleansing or you may opt for a gel form after washing.

Step 3: Night Cream

A hydrating cream that contains, active ingredients such as peptides that is great for regenerating process. Using the same moisturizer the during day and night is alright, but investing in a different night cream is highly recommended.

gentlehomme's facial travel kit

Gentlehomme just recently dropped its newest and hottest bundle yet for perfect on-the-go skincare. Complete with Face Moisturizer and Face Wash Booster packed inside the compact Travel Pouch for healthy and younger-looking skin throughout the day anytime and anywhere.

Facial Travel Kit

Build Your Facial Kit with Gentlehomme!

Why should you follow the norm when you can look younger and have a healthier facial skin? Be exceptional, be unique, be healthy and build your own facial kit now.

Start that facial kit for men and enjoy that long-lasting freshness. For more inquiries regarding our products, especially with skincare, visit our shop Gentlehomme; you may contact us through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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