Guys’ Grooming: Introduction to Understanding the Basics of Grooming

It would have been challenging to persuade the average man ten years ago to use more than a single bar of soap to take care of himself from head to toe, much less a root-boosting hair tonic, a night serum, or an anti-aging eye cream.

Men's grooming is now just as essential as having well-chosen clothing and understanding of a wine selection. There is no sense of shame. Shame, on the other hand, only appears when you don't follow a daily schedule (what do you mean you don't have a list of the top five moisturizers etched into your memory!?).

Be the man who takes care of himself without a low-level radiation glow or a set of Picasso painting eyebrows to appear subtle. When it comes to grooming, as with many other things in life, less is more.

a man checking himself on the mirror after grooming

Finding necessities that function for you pays well - be it your hair type and skin type. The secret isn't to spend a fortune on a myriad of different products or to spend hours alone in the restroom. Instead, create a daily routine that even the most product-averse man can readily take up and follow. It should be short, easy, and, most importantly, about uncomplicated upkeep.

Gentlehomme created a reading as an introduction to guys’ grooming for men to understand the basics of men's grooming. Read more to establish your routine.

The Evolution of Men’s Grooming

Male grooming dates back millions of years, from when cavemen used hinged shells to remove facial hair. But it took a lot longer for the movement to spread from the fringe to popular society.

In the 1970s, the LGBT community was one of the first to adopt male grooming trends, including the "hairy bear" tribes and the ultra-preened and plucked-all-over style. A few years later, in the 2000s, the football field replaced the concert stage as the next major stage, with athletes like David Beckham (who now has his own line of men's grooming products) being criticized and then praised for their 'metrosexual' devotion to cosmetics.

There was also a growing fixation with the gym physique at the same time. Meanwhile, as the female sector reached saturation, beauty businesses started looking at the men's market as one with room to develop. Today, according to research firm IMARC, the global market for men's grooming is anticipated to reach $78 billion by 2023.

Additionally, global warming has an effect. According to the beauty booking site Treatwell, recent summers have seen some of the hottest days ever recorded in the world. As a result, self-tanning has increased sharply, and male body waxing has incremented by 30%. The company has also noticed an increase in demand from men for regular haircuts, hair coloring, Brazilian hair straightening, and facials since the start of 2018.

It is evident that men continue to value grooming in all of its forms, and there is no sign of a slowdown.

What Drives Male Grooming to Change Over Time?

Undoubtedly, social media has had the most contemporary impact on desirable body shapes. We're more self-conscious than ever because of continual comparisons with friends and coworkers, easy access to celebrity culture, and relentless advertising from corporations and influencers. Since we now live in a global community, global trends also have an impact on us.

A makeup line for men was introduced by Chanel in November 2018 in the UK, but the French fashion brand opted to make its premiere in South Korea instead, where men have long practiced advanced male grooming. Glossy lips, precisely maintained brows, beautiful, poreless skin, and touches of mascara: these are the current dreams for many young males in the East Asian country, as evidenced by androgynous K-Pop singers like BTS.

Naturally, others may counter that a bathroom cabinet filled with items other than a gift set body wash undermines stereotypical notions of "masculinity." Ten years ago, the majority of alpha males thought that all it took to entice a partner was some armpit juice. But what's wrong with wishing to be a better, more youthful version of who we were in the first place? Isn't the ultimate goal being content and at ease in our skin?

Go for it! We're here to help you get it right, whether that means a baby-smooth chest, a weekly mustache trim, or an all-over golden tan.

Guys’ Personal Grooming in 8 Steps

Personal grooming refers to how a man takes care of his appearance and physique. It's not a matter of arrogance or narcissism, but at the very least of respect for oneself and consideration for others. While some men may spend hours grooming themselves, anyone may easily incorporate it into their daily routine.

You will learn the foundations in the guide that follows, which you may already be familiar with. Rest assured that you can carry out any of the procedures listed below on nearly any budget; everything is well within your reach.

Step 1. Keep Yourself Clean

Make a point of washing frequently if you haven't previously. Spend the necessary time in the morning taking a thorough shower and brushing your teeth. It can be difficult to get out of bed because of the early mornings and ever-rising work demands. Many of us simply get out of bed and change into the nearest clean clothing before leaving.

If you have to, resist the impulse and rise a little earlier. Learn to maximize your morning routine and take pleasure in its basic pleasures. After a reviving shower, there is nothing better than having the time for a leisurely sit-down breakfast.

Keep in mind that while deodorant and fragrances may temporarily mask certain body odor, they soon wear off, exposing what you're trying to conceal. Regular cleaning prevents the discomfort of a slight odor on the way home.

Step 2. Take Care of Your Skin

Not only does clear, healthy skin look good, but it also feels wonderful. Even if you don't work in a metropolis or exercise frequently, grease and pollution build up in your pores. Exfoliate your skin briefly while taking your daily shower. There are many products out there that may be used to remove the filth. Many items with titles that are especially suited to men are actually quite similar to items for ladies.

Step 3. Know Your Barber

A trip to the barbershop is frequently viewed as a chore. It's simple to put off getting a haircut when you lead a hectic lifestyle. By the time you realize you need a haircut, your entourage probably does too.

Get used to enjoying the barbershop experience. Visit a few before choosing one you like. Think over a variety of things, including the services offered, the prices, the location's convenience, as well as their personality and competency.

You'll get to know your barber. The barber will learn what you like and hate throughout numerous visits based on your comments. Just keep in mind to be sincere!

Additionally, a stylist familiar with your hair will always produce greater results than a stranger. You'll develop a trusting relationship with your barber and lose the oppressive anxiety after a bad haircut. Asking for "the usual" is a great approach to start your visit.

Step 4. Love Your Hair & Beard

Get a deeper grasp of your hair instead of leaving it entirely in the hands of the barber. Learn how to wash it at the right frequency to meet its needs. Contrary to popular perception, shampooing your hair every day is not necessary. Additionally, frequent cleaning can sometimes dry out certain people's scalps and promote the growth of dandruff.

Very few people require daily shampooing. These are typically those with thin hair or scalps that are greasy. Due to their surroundings, guys who live in humid places or engage in vigorous exercise may also need to shampoo every day.

This is due to sebum, a natural oil produced by the scalp. This is created in set amounts by sacks in the hair's root, and it feeds and shields the hair. Sebum is what gives the hair its natural luster and volume. Shampoo removes oils from the hair by encasing them. As a result, regular shampooing results in extremely dry hair that tangles and splits.

Finally, give yourself enough time to find the hairstyles that suit you the most in 2022. Consider your face shape, which we go into great detail about. Discover the hairstyles that best fit your morphology after you get a handle on them.

How about your beard?

A beard is also hair. It merits the appropriate level of care and attention as a result. You should maintain it clean, but the sebum described before is much more significant to the health of your beard. As a result, you'll need oils and balms, like Gentlehomme Men’s Neroli Beard Balm, to ensure that it keeps a healthy and natural sheen.

Unkempt beards can also become tangled and even break. You can feel itching and dandruff if its condition worsens. Ensure you use the proper brushes, combs, and trimmers to maintain a well-groomed beard.

Step 5. Be a Master of Shaving & Trimming

The art of shaving has started to disappear from a man's skill set with the advent of electric razors and cartridges with many blades. Your routine will become more effective and less dangerous if you have a deeper understanding of the strategies. Expand your experience by learning about the world of conventional shaving. Purchasing a double-edged safety razor restores the enjoyment of shaving.

Every man with a mustache or beard understands the importance of trimming. Since you can't visit your barber every day, you must learn how to maintain it until your next appointment.

Step 6. Groom Your Body Too

Not every male may wish to wax or trim his body hair. And you shouldn't feel compelled to do it in any way. The fashion and cosmetics industries, as well as the internet today, exert significant pressure on males to engage in "manscaping." By all means, go ahead if you want to do it yourself. However, it is not required. Nevertheless, occasionally a little bit of preening feels extremely pleasant.

Having stated that, take care of your physique. This relates to the first two items on this list, as well as frequent exercise and a healthy diet.

Step 7. Do an Experiment on Fragrances

Fragrances are another realm altogether, albeit sharing some traits with personal grooming. Enjoy trying out different fragrances, whether in deodorants, perfumes, or aftershaves.

Create a collection with a basic variation that accommodates various events and seasons. With the help of fragrances, one can not only smell good but also project a certain personality.

Step 8. Love Yourself

It's not a sign of self-confidence to take the time to take care of oneself. However, maintaining a good personal grooming practice will help you gain self-respect, which will boost your confidence. Your mental health is not the only advantage that this positive self-image has.

Additionally, maintaining your finest appearance and scent extends beyond simply you. You respect others by maintaining your composure when you interact with them. Speaking of positive energy could come off as forced. However, the aura you project for yourself will be felt by your entourage. Being well-presented will earn you respect, and other people will mirror the image of you that you present.

Men’s Grooming - A Complete Guide

Any self-respecting man is expected to maintain himself by adhering to a personal grooming routine. In addition to being viewed favorably by males, it's frequently just a simple issue of hygiene.

To view some of our personal grooming guides, scroll down below.


a well-groomed face of a man laying on flowers and grasses

  • Cleansers

By washing his face and private parts with the same bar of soap, a man has never earned points for being an adult. A face wash made specifically for your skin type won't just be free of harmful ingredients; it will also be PH-balanced to prevent your skin from feeling tight, unpleasant, or dry.

  • Moisturizers

Using a moisturizing product is a crucial component of a man's grooming routine unless you want to look like something that was discovered behind a mausoleum door.

To protect your skin from environmental aggressors like the sun and pollution and get your day off to a good start, seek products that contain SPF and antioxidants. Energizing solutions can also help revive skin that seems dull and cover up signs of nocturnal activity.

The skin goes into repair mode after dark, so help it out by giving it a boost internally with Gentlehomme Collagen Face Moisturizer to stimulate cell regeneration and fight the effects of aging.

  • Exfoliators

Exfoliation is the process of removing the epidermis' very top layer. This helps keep blemishes and clogged pores at bay as well as smooth out the texture and appearance of the skin.

Gentlehomme Face Wash Booster is a 2-in-1 power scrub and face wash formulated for men and effective for unclogging pores, eliminating dry skin, and preventing the buildup of dead skin cells.

  • Toners

Contrary to popular belief, toners do not seal your pores. Toning eliminates any impurities washing did not remove and prepares the skin for the subsequent product you want to use. They come in various forms, including as mists and cleansing waters, and can be used to treat certain skin problems like dry skin or excess oil.

  • Serums

Because serums contain considerably smaller molecules than conventional creams, they can use more active substances to tackle particular issues like wrinkles or pigmentation.

You can use serums and similar face oils in addition to or instead of a conventional moisturizer. It all comes down to choosing the texture and mixture that works best for your skin.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum - moisturizes, rejuvenates, and softens;
  2. Retinol Complex Serum - fades acne marks, discoloration, and blemishes;
  3. Vitamin C Face Serum - brightens, revives, and softens.
  • Face Masks

For clogged pores and congested skin, clay- and charcoal-based masks work best since these substances suck out impurities. Another popular Asian fad is sheet masks, which come individually wrapped and can help restore moisture lost in low-humidity airline cabins.

You may also see: Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask for Men


a man grooming his hair in a barber shop

  • Haircuts

Whether you choose a fuss-free buzz cut or a pompadour, maintaining your locks should be a key priority in your men's grooming routine, especially before any wedding, business event, or job interview.

The key to getting the best haircut for your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle is finding a professional barber. Receding or thinning? Your stylist will be able to maximize what you already have.

  • Washing

Yes, we should keep our hair clean, but given that shampoo depletes the hair's natural oils, it may not be necessary to wash it every day. In fact, for the adventurous, restoring the hair's natural cleaning system only requires six weeks of no washing at all.

  • Styling

Always start with a pea-sized amount, whether you're using clay or pomade. To avoid having too much product in the front, work this forward from the rear of the head.

These are some best styling products:

  1. Pomade
  2. Gel
  3. Wax
  4. Sea Salt Spray
  5. Clay
  6. Hair Crème

For Hair Treatment:

  1. Brazilian/Keratin Blow Dry
  2. Straightening
  3. Dyeing
  4. Thinning

Facial Hair / Beard

a man grooming his facial hair and beard

  • Shaving

There are still many reasons to join the team when wearing no makeup. In addition to making you stand out from the crowd of men with beards, facial hair frequently turns gray faster than the hair on the head, so getting rid of it could abruptly add years to your age.

There are also other factors. The razor's (or shaving brush's) exfoliation allows your skin to benefit the most from serums, scrubs, and masks while also minimizing spots and blemishes. So long as you adhere to the proper pre and post-shaving grooming procedures.

For a more healthy and well-groomed beard you may also use Gentlehomme AnaGain™ Serum for Hair & Beard Growth.

Tips for a Good Shave

  1. Feel the heat. Shaving just after a hot shower or bath helps soften the beard and open the pores, allowing for a much closer cut.
  2. Preparation. Lifting the hairs, exfoliating, or using an electric washing brush makes shaving easier and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
  3. Leave tricky spots until last. Start with the cheeks and other flat areas. Move on to the upper lip after that, then carefully avoid any nicks around the chin and ears and other delicate places.
  4. Cool the burn. Applying a post-shave balm will hydrate and chill the skin after one final sprinkle of ice water to help shut the pores.
  5. Invest in the right equipment. You've been caught using a dull razor. Your kit will always be current with a razor subscription box, so you won't have to worry about it.
  • Beard Trimming

The phrase "peak beard" (remember that stupid declaration from 2014?) never really caught on. Thanks to grooming trends, we've spotted a few of our favorite tastemakers out and about sporting a skillfully trimmed, '70s-era mustache. That doesn't mean you shouldn't cut your facial hair regularly to keep it looking sharp.

Additional Beard & Facial Hair Tip: You may use Gentlehomme Beard & Facial Hair Tweezers for Men to clean up your beard or even shape your eyebrows. It is ergonomically designed with a wider body for added comfort and control.

5 Grooming Mistakes Every Guy Should Avoid

That young man you once were is desperately clinging to life someplace beneath your epidermis. Looking your best is rarely simple because of factors including pollution, aging, stress, and grooming mistakes accumulated over time.

Thankfully, that second explanation is, by definition, avoidable and, to some extent, reversible. Avoid making these toe-to-toe mistakes, and your appearance will thank you.

  1. Assuming Your Body Is Not Changing With Time
  2. Not Having A Skincare Routine
  3. Not Having A Shaving Routine
  4. Not Scheduling Haircuts
  5. Not Understanding The Overall Body System

Feel Fresh & Look Fresh with Gentlehomme!

Guys' grooming can be both exciting and challenging. First, you will struggle with which products you must use and what grooming steps you should follow. But when you get the beat of personal grooming, you will surely be excited about the results and how it can affect your overall appearance and confidence.

Gentlehomme is the perfect brand to help you in everything to keep you fresh and good-looking. We are a skincare, cosmetics, and grooming brand, serving men's tastes and skin types. You can send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860, so we can help you kick off your grooming routine today.