What is a Lip Repair Balm: Do men need it?

Jan 4, 2023

What is a Lip Repair Balm: Do men need it?

For men, lip balm isn’t considered a daily essential like skincare but more of an occasional treatment to reach for when your lips feel chapped, dry, or flaky. But with how much you use your mouth—to speak, to eat, to drink—your lips are subjected to a lot. They’re also one of the main focal points on your face. If you want to keep your smile looking its best, maintaining a regular lip care routine is a must.

Why Do Men Need Lip Balm?

Your lips see a lot of daily activity. Like the rest of your facial skin, they’re also constantly exposed to external stressors, like air pollution and UV radiation. A proper skincare routine broadly protects against these damaging aggressors, but rarely are skincare products applied to the lips. This means your lips are largely left to fend for themselves. Over time, neglecting to care for your lips properly can leave them looking dull, thin, and damaged.

To add insult to injury, your lip skin is more delicate than the rest of your facial skin. It’s incredibly thin—to the point where it’s nearly translucent—and doesn’t have sweat or sebaceous glands like the rest of your face. The absence of natural protective oils leaves your lips incredibly vulnerable to the damaging effects of external stressors. While lip balm won’t eliminate these issues, it can help keep your lips hydrated and protected from excessive wear and tear. Lip balm with SPF can also help protect the skin against damaging ultraviolet radiation and the concerns of unprotected sun exposure, like sunburns.

How do I choose a lip balm?

Find the right ingredients

To prevent further harm to your chapped, dry, and irritated lips, go for a lip balm that is made with healthy natural ingredients. Use a product that has been shea butter supplemented for the ideal consistency for everyday protection and moisturization.

Lip balm for sensitive lips

Avoid lip balms that contain irritants such as specific perfumes, flavorings, oils, or preservatives if you're looking for one for sensitive lips. It's crucial to figure out what causes a reaction on your skin and lips because not all lip balms may do so so you can prevent it.

Choose a scent you like

Find a lip balm with a scent you like if you plan to use it frequently or every day. The selection of lip balms includes a wide range of flavors, from cooling elderberry to zesty grapefruit to cool mint.

Find a handy size

If you’re forever on the go, you’ll need a travel-friendly size so you can take your lip balm with you wherever you go. We recommend both our lip balm tubes and botanical garden lip balm tubes, perfect for a quick fix.

Benefits of using Lip Balm

Lip balm sticks are a great option when you want a little glossy boost. They are portable and make it simple to supply moisture right away when you need it. They are incredibly rich in chemicals that soothe lips, which is why they are so effective. Lip balms provide lubrication to your lips directly because they don't contain any water. They also don't require a lot of extra preservatives because of their formulation. This feature will be significant to you if you want lip balms free of harmful substances. Look for lip balms that are protected with vitamin E or essential oils before you purchase.

lip repair balm


Gentlehomme Lip Repair Balm with SPF 15  is the perfect solution for any man looking to moisturize chapped and cracked lips. Give your lips the hydration it needs to get fresh and kissable lips. Combat chapped lips with a matte-finish lip balm made for a man's skin and lips. Made with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, this lip balm will protect and nourish your lips in a matter of seconds. SPF 15 to prevent premature skin aging, wrinkles, sagging, and aged spots caused by the sun

Tips for caring for your lips

For years to come, keep your lips feeling smooth by protecting, nourishing, preparing, and perfecting them with a lip care routine. Taking care of your lips is crucial because as we age, our lips lose some of their natural moisture and are more prone to becoming dry and chapped. Read our best advice for maintaining healthy lips.

Use lip balm daily

A relatively easy approach to keeping lips moisturized and protected is to incorporate lip balm into your daily skincare routine. Keep a lip balm nearby your desk, in your car, or your luggage for convenient access during the day.

Care for chapped lips quickly 

Try to soften and calm your lips as soon as you detect them becoming chapped or that they are uncomfortable and irritated. By doing so, you can shield the skin cells on your lips against long-term damage as well as further dryness and discomfort.

Exfoliate your lips

It may seem unusual to exfoliate your lips, but doing so can help repair and restore moisture while removing any dead, dry, or scaly skin cells. Although lip scrub shouldn't be used as frequently as lip balm, it can do wonders for your lips on occasion.

Stay hydrated

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but drinking water frequently and staying hydrated are fantastic for your skin. Your skin's natural flexibility, particularly that of your lips, can be preserved by staying hydrated. Regular hydration can also help improve your mood and energy levels.

Don’t pick your lips!

We're all occasionally guilty of plucking at our chapped, dry, and irritated lips. Picking at dry, chapped lips can make them worse, so use lip balm and let it do its thing instead.

Lip Balms is the Ultimate Savior!

Rehydrating your lips is one of the key advantages of utilizing lip balm. It's important to keep your lips moisturized all the time if you tend to have dry lips. Regular use of a lip balm can help your lips regain some of their natural moisture and nourishment, which maintains your pout supple and soft.

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