Men's Eyebrow Grooming Kit: Tips in Grooming Men's Eyebrows

Aug 22, 2022

Men's Eyebrow Grooming Kit: Tips in Grooming Men's Eyebrows

Every man should know the importance of having a fresh haircut or knowing how to line up a beard properly. But many men forget to give due conscientiousness to their eyebrows, but there are many things to learn and add to your men’s eyebrow grooming kit.

There are some simple steps you can do while you are at home to get your eyebrow looking sharp. You don't want it out of control.

Why Men Should Groom Their Eyebrows?

It is the main reason for men to take an active role in their eyebrow health, especially as they age. When you get older, your hair doesn't grow in the same fashion as it was you were young.

It may grow in different directions or become unmanageable. This is the reason why you need a solid strategy for your youthful aesthetic.

Differences of Shapes in Men’s Eyebrow

Eyebrow suits your face when you trim them well. A new shape can alternate your aesthetic, so you should keep them going naturally.

  • Angled - It creates a definition
  • Rounded - It suits men with broad foreheads and wide eyes
  • Flat - It comes with minimal curves

Eyebrow Grooming Options for Men

Men have three options for getting their eyebrows in order.


If you have an electric trimmer for your bears, there should be a smaller setting for your brows. With scissors, use a fine-tooth comb to move the hairs upward. Also, the teeth of the comb are useful. Trim any peeking through the top.

black and white photo of a man with perfectly shaped brows


Threading relies on a string technique to remove unwanted hairs. Make sure to get this done by a licensed professional who knows what they are doing.


Younger men can pluck away stray hairs with a tweezer. As you get older, you need to be wary of wanton plucking. You may end up with thinner brows than you expected to happen.

With all these methods. It will be easier to get the brows you've always wanted. With the right haircut, beard, and brows. you'll be the talk of the town.

What Do Men Need to Groom Their Eyebrows?

There are some tools you can use inside your house to get started.


Make sure to comb your eyebrow upwards before anything else. This is the way to see which hair is longer in your eyebrows.

Precision Tip Scissors

When you see the differences in your eyebrow. Get some fine scissors and gently trim them so that they are all the same length.


Getlehomme - tweezers

Remove unwanted hairs outside of your brow outline. You can remove both strays and baby fine hairs. Finish with Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil & Gel for maximum results. Clean tweezer tips after each use with an alcohol wipe. Use as needed.


You need to see what you are doing. Make sure to do this in front of a mirror so you can accurately see and get all of your eyebrow hair equal in length.

Eyebrow Pencil

Gentlehomme - eyebrow pencil

Few men have perfectly arched brows at birth, so you don't need to rely on genes to look your best. To save the day and your grooming routine, use eyebrow pencils. The thin pencil tip in these items can be used to fill in your brows for a more defined look.

Gentlehomme's Eyebrow Pencil for Men is a 2-in-1 brow brush and lead pencil for men with one side pencil and one side brush. You can enhance the stare of your eyes and your overall appearance with 5 colors to choose from to match your eyebrows' hair color, including black, dark brown, light brown, brown, and gray.

The Best Practices in Grooming Your Eyebrows

Still, you need to follow the steps in grooming your eyebrows. Eyebrows can take a while fully form, and don't make yourself look weird for an extended period.

Trim From the Bottom of Your Eyebrow

Eyebrows will look fuller then they have more hair at the top. Maintain a masculine appearance by starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. You don't need to be concerned about some of those higher hairs.

Don’t Wax!

Some women use wax on their eyebrows because it makes them thinner. This is good for feminine facial features, but it does not work as well for men.

Men are better off tweezing or cutting. Waxing increases your chances of getting burned or red on the skin. It is not recommended when your skin is prone to acne.

Look for an Eyebrow Specialist

Go to a specialist when you're in doubt. You want to make sure you must find a licensed microblade technician. The license will prove they know what they're doing.

Use Eyebrow Gel

Gentlehomme - eyebrow gel

Gentlehomme’s Eyebrow Gel is exclusively designed for men and provides an invisible and elegant solution to set your eyebrows naturally. Shape and groom your eyebrows and facial hair the way you like by using Gentlehomme spiral brush. Smooth and set the perfect eyebrow shape and keep those unruly hairs in place. Easily removable with water. No color.

How to apply? Brush your hair from roots to tip, easy to apply, and quick to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Thou Brow Shalt Stay On Fleek!

Not only women are up to eyebrow grooming. Men also have the right to enhance their eyebrows to get a new look and style.

Find the best brow style to complement your face shape. This is the right time to step up your style. Make sure to choose a product capable of enhancing your look and won't cause any problem to your skin or face.

Gentlehomme has every product that suits any skin type, and add it to your men's eyebrow grooming kit. If you have questions, send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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