Real Men Wear Sheet Collagen Masks

Aug 26, 2019

Real Men Wear Sheet Collagen Masks

Gone are the days of believing proper skincare was a woman’s job. The fact of the matter is, no matter your gender, you have skin, and skin is the largest organ in the human body, so it most definitely deserves some love!

However, today skincare for men doesn’t have to mean purchasing a product geared towards women; women and men are fundamentally different, and thus, skincare products for men should be made to treat the concerns of common skin problems for guys! So what are these specific types of issues men are facing, how can we combat them, and what are the best types of skincare products for men? Let’s break it down:

Men's Skin

Skin differences between men and women are hormonal. Testosterone in men leads to greater sebum production, therefore men less frequently have dry skin, and a majority lie in the category of combination skin. When choosing the right moisturizer for men, something rich may be too much! A water based, or gel hydrator, is probably a better option! One common product that both men and women should use daily is an SPF on their face, to prevent skin cancer, and early signs of aging. When selecting a face cream for men with an SPF, it should be lightweight and sheer, not greasy or oily.

There are lots of great treatment products men can use to target their specific skin concerns. A favorite treatment for many are masks! Depending on your unique concern will dictate which is best, for instance, the best mask for men dealing with ingrown hairs would be a treatment containing the ingredient salicylic acid. Men have a higher collagen density than women, so selecting a mask with hydrating and plumping ingredient, hyaluronic acid, would not make the best face masks for guys.

A great skincare routine for men does not have to be complicated, it can be as simple as this:

  • Use a gentle foaming cleanser morning and night, one that does not leave your face feeling tight or dry after cleansing.
  • Applying a lightweight moisturizer after cleansing to replenish the skin.
  • Occasionally use a manual exfoliator (scrub.)
  • Prepare your skin prior to shaving, and treat it with a balanced aftershave when finished.
  • Use an SPF daily.

Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. Sheet masks can be made from a variety of materials such as papers, fibers or gel. You only need to apply it, take off and tap the serum onto your skin. It will leave your skin looking bright and smooth throughout the day.

Skincare routine

But men should not feel ashamed if they want to get into a more in-depth skincare routine, it is great for relaxation and has wonderful long-term anti aging benefits. If your skin is extra greasy, or prone to breakouts, using a charcoal mask or salicylic acid spot treatment can do wonders to get adult acne under control! Some other great skincare products for men to incorporate into a routine could be:

  • Sheet masks: There are so many options! Sheet masks would be a great selection for a mens facial mask, because you can really target your specific concern. They smell great, and give you a reason to lay down and chill!
  • Toners: Toners help to restore the lipid barrier after cleansing, and help minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Chemical exfoliators with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA) encourage cell turnover and are a great skin care option for men!

Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask

Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask

Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask is a unique collagen mask solution specifically created for men of all skin types in order to reduce signs of aging, hydrate and moisturize the skin.


Part of Gentlehomme Alive collection, the masks offer a patented encapsulation serum technology for instant penetration. Ingredients can now reach deep layers of the skin for a superior performance.

The mask will make you feel and look young again. Our collagen infused masks will help reduce signs of aging, revive and restore tired skin.  

Our face mask is infused with rice bran extract which acts as a natural barrier to give you overall moisture. It can effectively lock the water onto the skin and prevent water loss. Rice bran extract is a natural ceramics source, which maintains skin barrier integrity and moisture of the skin. Additionally we have added black rice ferment extract to moisturize your skin and boost your skin's elasticity. Feel and look young again with Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen mask.


The Takeaway

There are definitely some amazing product lines that focus solely on mens’ skincare, and we are glad to see the awareness growing! Though a man's skin does tend to age slower than a womans because of the extra collagen, it doesn’t mean that it is ageless! Adopting a great skincare routine is the best way to slow the process. To the men who have had a routine in place for ages, cheers to you, you’ll continue to age flawlessly! For the guys who have been staring in the mirror at problem areas, we hope this helped you identify the best face creams for men, or best mask for you! To the dudes who haven’t yet considered treating or protecting their face, we hope this shed some light on the benefits.

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