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A man doesn’t need to be taught how to grow a beard, it just grows following its genetically pre-determined size, shape, and texture. Unfortunately, the same is true in regards to beard grooming. Very few men are taught how to care for their facial hair, let alone why they should keep it groomed. The most training a man will get on his facial hair is how to shave the stubble that grows early in life. By the time he’s growing a full beard he’s likely out of the house and on his own to learn how to keep it looking and feeling healthy. 

The beard is becoming more than just facial hair for men today. It is a way to express their personality and style much like a women’s hair style and color. It can be intimidating for men who want to jump on the beard trend with little to no prior knowledge on how. This is especially true if he starts researching beard care and comes across the hundreds of thousands of products and opinions available for beard grooming. 

We’ve narrowed the what and why of beard grooming down to a manageable list.

What you'll need

There are some specific grooming tools you’ll need when you start your beard growing journey. There are plenty of other pieces you can add to your collection as you advance in your beard grooming skills, but these three should be foundational. 


Fading your beard into your neckline keeps your beard from spreading onto your neck and, most importantly, shows you are taking your beard seriously. To properly fade your beard you’ll need a good set of trimmers. 

Beard Brush

The beard brush serves several roles in beard grooming. Brushing your beard on a regular basis with a good quality brush will distribute your natural oils from your face to the end of your beard. The brush is also necessary for spreading your beard oil through your beard adequately. A surprising reason the beard brush is essential is its ability to prevent beard dandruff. Yes, beards can get dandruff and a beard brush helps exfoliate the skin under your beard to prevent it forming.

The why of consistent beard grooming

Now that you know what you’ll likely need you may still be asking, but why? Why should you groom your beard on a regular basis and why is beard oil so important? 

Soft texture

The phrase you are what you eat applies to your beard as much as it does to your body. What you put on your beard can either improve or degrade its health and appearance. Beard hair is naturally course but doesn’t have to remain this way. 

If you aren’t feeding your beard by applying a quality beard oil or balm on a regular basis then it will begin to turn brittle and weak. Beard oil and beard balms soften the hair by penetrating them with essential vitamins and nutrients the beard craves. Just like the body needs certain nutrients to thrive the beard does as well and beard oil and balms provide that. 

You begin seeing results after consistently applying beard oil twice daily, morning and night, for about two weeks. It works best when applied to damp beard hair, post-shower is best.

It is a common mistake to assume that beard oil is only needed for longer beards, but this is not the case. Regardless of length your beard hair needs to be hydrated because beards of all shapes and sizes can become frizzy and dry.  

Handsome Shine

Women enjoy their hair being shinny and vibrant as it reflects the care they put into their appearance. The same is true for a beard. Men who allow their beards to become dry and brittle are inadvertently communicating they don’t care about their appearance and possibly even hygiene. 

Having a beard that shines rather than a dull beard with dandruff flakes will give you confidence in your beard you didn’t realize you were missing. The shine provided by beard oil or balms goes beyond appearance to health. Beard oil provides protection from breakage and can ensure your beard grows long and strong for many years. 

Avoid beard itch

As mentioned, beards can form dandruff when the skin underneath becomes dry. Adding a balm or oil will not only hydrate and beautify your beard but also the skin underneath. If dandruff or dry skin is allowed to form underneath your beard you’ll quickly begin to experience an annoying itch. Its best to avoid this from the beginning and begin applying a beard oil or balm early in your beard growing process. 

You’ve taken the time and effort to grow your beard, why not take the best care of it as possible? Beard grooming is simpler than it seems initially and requires little time once you find your own rhythm. No one wants to seem to not care about their appearance or walk around with an itchy face. Adding beard oil to your daily regimen is simple but has serious benefits. 

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