Bronzer for Men for a Healthy and Natural Tan


Healthy Looking & Natural Tan

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Fortunately for men, bronzer is becoming more common and can be used in a variety of ways. Bronzing powder and bronzing moisturizer have their place in men’s hygiene and skin care regimens, but there is some confusing of how to use them and how they can benefit their appearance. 

Benefits of Bronzing Products

Some of the more popular types of bronzers are bronzing powder or moisturizer. They both have the same purpose, but are selected for different reasons depending on unique needs and skin types. 

Natural Glow

The primary purpose of bronzers is to give the skin a healthy and glowing appearance. When you carefully select the correct shade you appear sun-kissed, without the excess exposure to the sun. It should not be confused with contouring, which is meant to emulate a shadow on prominent areas like the cheeks. 

Reduce signs of aging 

When applied correctly, bronzer can hide those fine lines and wrinkles that are often more obvious on a untanned skin. Using concealer before applying bronzer, which is recommended, will enhance this benefit of using bronzer. 

Conceal blemishes 

Acne, sun spots, and general blemishes affect men and women alike. Now men have a way to cover these marks that may be causing lack of confidence. Using bronzer can bring an even tone to the skin covering these unwanted marks and pulling attention away from them to their sun-kissed tone. 

Cover uneven skin pigmentation

Uneven skin tones can occur at any point in life and can be distracting. A healthy skin tone is one of the first things people notice about you and when there are uneven pigments it is noticeable and rememberable. 

Mask unwanted features 

Men and women alike have facial features they may not like and want to hide. This is especially true for men with wide noses. Adding a bronzer to the bridge of your nose can draw in the lines making it appear thinner than it is. 

Enhance features

In the same way bronzer can draw attention away from unwanted features, like a wide nose, it can also draw attention towards features you do want noticed. Men gain immediate attention when they possess a strong jaw line. This is a feature that men an either enhance or create using bronzer. 

Applying Bronzer

These benefits are null and void if you aren’t applying bronzer the right way. This product has the ability to give your face a natural glow or make your face look like you’ve applied dirt. There are some important steps to take to prepare your face for bronzing and specific ways to apply the product. 

Step 1 – Wash your face: This seems like a no-brainer, but some people may forget this important part of applying bronzer. 

Step 2 – Apply moisturizer and / or sunscreen: Hydrating your face will allow the bronzer to go on more evenly. 

Step 3 – Use liquid foundation first, this is necessary for men as well. Concealer provides an even layer to start with and should match the natural complexion of your skin. Some areas may require more coverage than others. 

Step 4 – Choose a bronzer: You’ll want to choose a bronzer that is only slightly darker than your natural skin tone. 

Step 5 – Apply: A fluffy brush with a rounded top should be used to apply bronzer in the shape of a three from your forehead to your chin hitting your cheekbone on the way. Apply to your cheekbones, jawline, and nose next. 

Most men will want to define their jawlines and slim the neck. This can be done by brushing a darker powder along the jaw and chin and blend to create a shadow. 

To make the forehead appear smaller you can dust and blend the powder into your hairline. Bring the powder down to your temples using the same brush. 

Step 6 – Blend: Using a new brush, blend the bronzer you’ve applied. Blending will help remove any dark spots or uneven application that may have occurred. 


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