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The purpose of moisturizers can be confusing. It is often assumed that moisturizers are only for individuals with dry skin types. However, the role of moisturizers are to act as a protective barrier keeping the skin both hydrated and healthy. All skin types can benefit from a quality moisturizer made to bring balance to the skin, even the skin of the face. 

When used daily and consistently experts agree moisturizer can bring health and vibrance to all skin types and genders. You’ll want to select a specific moisturizer to meet the needs of your skin type. Dry skin types will benefit from oil-based moisturizers. Oily skin types still need a moisturizer but should be water-based. Normal to Combination skin will also benefit from a water-based moisturizer.  

Any man who has used a moisturizer for even a short period will validate the benefits manufacturers claim through their marketing. A quality moisturizer will help men retain the essential moisture of their skin necessary for preventing signs of aging, avoiding dry chapped skin, and even sun damage. 

Youthful Skin

Men moisturize for many of the same reasons women have done so for years. Fine lines and wrinkles eventually lead to the appearance of aging, even more men who universally seem to get better with age. 

When the skin is allowed to dry out and stays that way for extended periods lines wrinkles begin to form. To put it simply, the face essentially respond the same way the dessert ground does without rain or water, it cracks and flakes. Moisturizing on a regular basis can significantly reduce the chances from this happening and prolong signs of aging. 

Prevent Appearance of Dry Skin

Men and women alike lose moisture from their face and skin on a daily basis. For men this happens through showering, sun and cold exposure, and most importantly through shaving. Shaving is a form of exfoliation of the face, which can be beneficial in the aging process, but without moisturizing post-shave men will not reap these benefits for long. 

Moisturizing post-shave will restore the natural protective barrier on the face and neck. Many men unknowingly walk around all day with dry patches on their skin. These patches are typically more visible to others. Applying a moisturizer after you’ve finished shaving is a simple way to prevent this embarrassing incident. 

Can Substitute Beard Oil

Beard oil is becoming an increasingly popular trend among men. A hefty price tag comes along with this growth. Moisturizers can be an inexpensive way to replace your beard oil while also moisturizing your face, two-for-one. 

Many beard oils are also made with manly fragrances. Not all men, or their partners, enjoy having strong scents under their noses all day. Using a fragrance-free moisturizer in place of a beard oil fixes these issues. This is especially beneficial for men with sensitive skin types that are easily irritated by fragrances and scents added to products. 

Beard oils can also be oilier than some men prefer. While the word oil is in the name of the product it isn’t always a pleasant characteristic when it gets on your clothes and other surfaces. Moisturizers avoid this issue as well as they leave behind little residue but keep the shine men enjoy from beard oils. 

Natural Glow

Moisturizers improve the appearance of men’s skin in an often-overlooked way, radiance. Initially this doesn’t sound like a huge bonus for men, but moisturizing regularly can improve the natural glow of a man’s skin. This is a benefit man don’t realize they were missing out on until they begin moisturizing regularly. 

Properly hydrated skin has a natural glow, unlike the shine from oily skin. There is a significant difference between skin that is healthy, hydrated, and vibrant and just naturally oily. This hydration adds to both the texture and glow of the face by evening the skin tone and preventing dry patches and evening pigmentation problems. 

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