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Many men might know the benefits of foundation when women use them but never consider applying them to their own faces. But foundation can be an excellent addition to any morning routine.

What is foundation

Foundation is a cosmetic product that’s mainly used to even out your skin tone and make your complexion more uniform. The skin tone of your face is naturally a little patchy or uneven in color just as a result of blood flow or the bone structure of your face. But something being natural doesn’t always mean that it looks the best.

Different forms of foundation

Foundation comes in creams, liquids or powders and can start your face off as more of a blank slate. It’ll smooth out the color differences between different patches of skin and can even act as a moisturizing product to get rid of minor wrinkles or visible dryness. Foundation is often used before other more noticeable types of makeup since it sets your face to a relatively blank, smooth standard. 

The benefits of foundation

Men can use a good foundation makeup for lots of reasons. 

For starters, evening out your skin tone will make you look better than you would normally right off the bat. We humans enjoy symmetry and even this, especially on the faces of other people. We can immediately notice when someone has him or even skin tone or a more holistic coloration across their face.    

Even your skin tone

People with even skin tones look healthier and more active. Therefore, men trying to impress a date or look their best for an interview would do well to apply a little foundation beforehand. In certain circumstances, you can even use foundation of a particular tone to make your skin look a little warmer and friendly if you have a naturally pale or sickly skin tone. 

But foundation can also moisturize your skin and protect it from looking dry throughout the day. Lots of men work outdoors or spend time in dry conditions. Dry skin eventually looks wrinkly or cracked, and extended periods of skin dehydration can lead to more aesthetic problems for your face.

Protection from the sun

While a dedicated moisturizer product is better overall, applying a little foundation can go a long way to minimizing skin moisture loss. Some foundations can also act as a sunscreen and protect your skin from UV radiation damage. Skin cancer is no joke, and while it’s rare that you’ll find a man willing to put on sunscreen across his face every day, foundation offers multiple benefits and is less thick on the face than sunscreen. 

Using both foundation and concealer well can make you look much better than you might imagine and impress those around you. Applying these makeup types are easy and don’t take a lot of time out of your morning routine. Don’t limit yourself and believe that foundation and concealer or just for women; men ought to take advantage of their benefits, too! 

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