Everything You Need to Know About Make Up Products for Men

Jun 21, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Make Up Products for Men

Over the past decades, the idea of "men's beauty" revolved around the application of facial and hair gels, lip balms, face powder, and other easy-to-use cosmetic products. These common products topped in the men's market because of their convenient use and natural-looking results.

Today, social media platforms, alongside celebrities and famous influencers, have changed the concept of makeup for men, making cosmetics a part of the daily get-up of most men in different industries.

Gone are the days when guys were only conscious of their health and fitness. We are now in an era where males have been more comfortable using concealers to cover blemishes, brow products for bushy and fleek results, and other cosmetics, ensuring they would look presentable in the crowd.

a man applying his own make up

With this shift in the male cosmetics industry, one can be curious why makeup for men is now a hit. For guys who are currently experimenting with male makeup, Gentlehomme aims to discuss the things you need to know about make up products for men for you to get insights and hopefully grab your first product after reading this.

Male Cosmetics Over the History

It is seemingly ironic that male makeup was almost forbidden between the 19th to 20th centuries, where kings and higher rank personas in the 4,000 BC in Egypt through the late medieval period in England were using cosmetics extensively. And this ancient makeup tradition amongst men to look presentable crossed cultures - from Indian ancestors and popularized in Edo period Japan through kabuki.

While it is commonly known that male cosmetics have been a trend in China, Japan, and South Korea, it is also notable that the Western part of the world is now becoming more interested in these products.

A survey conducted by Euromonitor revealed that 56% of men respondents had worn makeup, such as foundation or concealer, at least once in 2018. Data analytics organization (Moz) also discovered that the keyword "male makeup looks" increased by 80% in 2020 over the previous year, proving the cosmetics industry for men is evidently on the rise.

And in Google, searches related to makeup for men have risen by 67.5% over the past decade.

How Makeup Became a Thing for Guys

The cinema can be credited with reviving the dying art of men's personal grooming. Actors like Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, William Holden, Rock Hudson, and Sidney Poitier, among Hollywood's most elegant men, reintroduced the necessity for men to look presentable, with not a strand of hair out of place.

Men's dress and appearance became more prominent, albeit slowly and not too far from the world of movies. The term "metrosexual" was eventually coined to describe guys concerned about their appearance.

The fashion world had transformed men's style by the 2000s, while music icons helped popularize the image of guys wearing makeup. For example, celebrities like Prince, Pete Wentz, and Green Day's lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong were known for wearing eyeliner, which contributed to their cult status.

Men's beauty influencers on Instagram are leading the way today with their helpful ideas and tactics for making men look more attractive. Bretman Rock and Reuben de Maid are just two of the many well-known beauty influencers out there.

Makeup artist Rock, real name Bretman Sacayanan, one of the highest-paid beauty influencers in the world, has an Instagram following of 18 million, a TikTok following of over 13 million, and a YouTube following of roughly 9 million. His popularity reflects the growing influence of beauty gurus in the men's grooming industry.

These celebrities' success not only demonstrates that the stigma around men's makeup is crumbling brick by brick, but it has also given rise to some of the best cosmetics concepts for both genders.

There are numerous instructions for those new to the world of men's makeup as well as those who enjoy trying out different looks, ranging from using a simple eyebrow pencil to contouring.

Must-Have Cosmetic Products for Men

For a little discreet male makeup, you don't need a wash bag full of goods. The perfect kit for guys who seek believable, no-nonsense cosmetics consists of nine key pieces.

  • Primer

You'll need a good canvas to work with - even if you're not an oil painter. A primer prepares the skin for the rest of the makeup, making it simpler to apply and last longer. It's not a necessary step and may be missed if you're in a hurry, but the appropriate formulation can provide additional benefits such as regulating oiliness or moisturizing dryness - A two-skin victory!

  • BB / CC Cream

BB and CC creams are a more affordable option for a foundation for men. They're a mix of moisturizer and makeup, perfect for producing a natural but healthy-looking complexion. BB stands for blemish balm, and it's perfect for folks with spotty skin or who need a little extra color. Color correcting (CC) provides light coverage while decreasing the appearance of redness and age spots.

  • Concealer

This miracle product, which is comparable to a foundation but thicker and comes in a stick or liquid wand form, is often a guy's first try with men's makeup (typically stolen from a sister or girlfriend) (the former being far less messy).

This product works by blending flaws into the surrounding skin, so it's great for concealing under-eye shadows, spot coverage, or a hangover day.

  • Brow Gel

Men's brows are thicker and hairier than women's, which necessitates regular grooming. After all, if your eyes are your soul's windows, your brows are the curtains. Brow gel, fix, and definer all have different names, but they all perform the same thing. To keep unruly arches in check, stick to clear formulations and use sparingly (with the supplied brush).

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  • Lip Balm

No man wants to be described as thin-skinned, yet exactly that's what your lips are. Lips are more vulnerable to damage than nearly any other body part; therefore, it's crucial to protect them with a lip balm.

Anything using the word 'gloss' should be avoided like the plague. Instead, go for a more macho option: Choose a matte lip balm that's hydrating but doesn't shine when you smile.

  • Color Corrector

You would not think of a box of colored crayons as male cosmetics, but science plays a role here. Certain tints can be employed to your face's advantage, much as certain colors work for your skin tone while others work against it.

Apply the right corrector before concealer or foundation and watch your sins vanish. Green, for example, counteracts redness (see ya, spots), orange counteracts deep-blue (bye-bye, eye bags), and lavender counteracts sallowness (have that, hangover.)

  • Foundation

Allow us to mansplain since this is when things become a little scary for some males. A foundation is usually the load-bearing portion of a makeup process, just like on a construction site. Foundation, which is thicker than BB or CC cream, is good for concealing flaws, leveling out skin tone, and generally making you look more youthful and healthy.

Choose a liquid foundation in a hue that matches your skin tone and doesn't require a brush. If you're unsure, test it on the back of your hand or get it matched at a cosmetic shop.

  • Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is another choice for a product that gives light coverage and hydration. With breathable non-comedogenic (would not clog pores) formula, Gentlehomme Tinted Moisturizer for Men gives skin a natural glow while treating, hydrating, priming, and camouflaging men’s skin imperfections.

  • Eyebrow Pencil

You don't have to rely on heredity to put your best look forward because few men are born with flawlessly immaculate brows. Eyebrow pencils will save the day—and your grooming routine. A fine pencil tip is included in these products to fill in your brows for better definition. Gentlehomme Eyebrow Pencil for Men allows you to mimic the appearance of very real-looking strands of hair.

Men’s Guide in Choosing the Right Makeup

When picking the correct makeup for men, shade is usually the most significant consideration. Because not all concealers, foundations, or color correctors are created equal, you'll want to choose one that closely matches your natural skin tone.

make up products for men

If you're unsure what shade you are, you should find out before investing in any major cosmetics. Visit your local drugstore for some inexpensive samples that appear to match your skin tone, or contact Gentlehomme, where someone expert can help you match your color and assist you in selecting appropriate products.

As soon as you step into natural light after applying makeup, you'll know if it's the perfect shade. Examine your handy work using a mirror or the selfie mode on your phone. If your makeup sticks out on your face instead of blending in, you should choose a more appropriate color for your skin tone.

It's also worth mentioning that this varies according to the season. As the weather warms up and you begin to tan, you may notice that your winter makeup no longer looks quite right. In this scenario, go a shade or two darker.

What are the Things to Consider Before Purchasing Men’s Cosmetics?

Makeup application is more than just a means to enhance natural beauty; it's an art. Whether you use makeup for everyday grooming or want to pursue a modeling career, understanding the various parts of makeup application is vital. This includes determining the safest, most durable, and high-quality items that complement your skin tone.

Here are some vital things to consider before purchasing any beauty product for men:

  • Coverage

Consider if you want cosmetics with a high level of coverage or something more lightweight because not all makeup delivers the same amount of coverage. It may be easier to conceal imperfections with thicker concealers and foundations, but the trade-off is that the makeup may be more noticeable on your skin.

Zits and marks may not totally disappear with sheer covering, but it will look more natural than something caked on.

  • Application

Consider your cosmetics application strategy as well. While some cosmetics must be applied with a brush, many are simple to use with just one finger.

Stick to cream formulas rather than powder ones if you don't want to spend a bunch on applicators and fluffy makeup brushes. With a brush as opposed to your fingertips, you could find it simpler to blend in makeup.

  • Length of Wear

Length of wear is a crucial concern, as is protection from the weather. Many cosmetics companies advertise waterproof formulations and all-day wear. These are things to watch out for, especially during the summer when you don't want your makeup to melt off your face or require frequent trips to the restroom for reapplication.

  • Ingredients

Your appearance and the condition of your skin are determined by the substances used in various cosmetic products. To prevent allergies, you should double-check the manufacturer's ingredient list before purchasing makeup. Make sure the contents match what is described on the packaging.

  • Best Price

The next step is to find a fair deal if you've tested a product that seems to work for you or have received recommendations for it. To find the most economical sources for the item you want to purchase, check internet stores and reviews.

If the brand you have identified appears too pricey, investigate alternatives that are similarly effective. Be careful not to buy counterfeit cosmetics just because they are cheaper.

Male Makeup Routines for Different Situations

Unless your daily life involves a movie set, chances are you won’t have a personal makeup artist to conceal your spots and take down a shiny forehead. We, fortunately, got one for you. Follow Gentlehomme's suggestions to move from a solid 7 to a straight-up 10 despite having a terrible hangover or being sleep deprived (probably). And if all fails? You always have access to the Instagram filter.

For Hiding a Hangover

You have a two-hour performance review with your employer after feeling like the fury of grapes when you got up. In the boardroom, they'll be able to see your eyebags from ten feet away, right? Wrong. Male cosmetics can help hide The Hangover from Hell, but it can't get rid of the cotton wool mouth or the beer dread. If you don't, we won't inform HR.

man with hangover and sleep-deprived

Step 1. Due to dehydration and lack of sleep, your face most likely looks like a neglected box of prunes. Put Gentlehomme Advanced Collagen Mask for Men on for five to ten minutes to quickly restore moisture.

Step 2. Too groggy or unsteady to consider applying primer or BB cream first thing in the morning? All of us have been there. Instead, spritz on priming water to instantly moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

Step 3. Excessive tequila drinking causes blood vessels to enlarge, providing the characteristic "red-face" image. Reach for a creative green color corrector to neutralize any blotchiness. To balance out any visibly irritated zones, dab a tiny quantity with your fingers.

Step 4. Gentlehomme Concealer Stick for Men is your best friend on hangover days, after Berocca and a very, very dark room. Apply the concealer stick to any deep eye bags or dark undereye circles and blend it using the brush on the other side of the stick.

Step 5. Two telltale signs that you were friendly with the bar personnel the previous evening are parched lips and inebriated breath. Apply a mint-infused lip balm for moisturized lips and better breath.

For Acne Prone Facial Skin

Spot, zits, blemishes — call them what you want, but having acne-prone skin can put a dent in your confidence levels. Stick to medicated formulas and mineral-based makeup to help hide any outbreaks without aggravating them further.

Step 1. When it comes to acne, any old concealer won't cut it. Look for one that has been particularly developed with chemicals that are anti-irritating and will both heal and hide blemishes, such as salicylic acid. To avoid spreading bacteria from your fingertips, dab it immediately over the afflicted regions and mix with a small, clean brush.

Step 2. It's okay to have acne scars, but if you want to hide them, seek a multi-action foundation (often labeled "Anti-Blemish") that also works to stop future outbreaks.

Step 3. Put an end to the notion of using loose or pressed powder because they might block pores and leave marks. Blotting sheets can rapidly mattify and regulate a glossy T-zone if oily skin is one of your biggest concerns. To prevent heat wave sweating, they are also worth packing in your cross-body bag.

Step 4. Cleaning becomes even more crucial when applying makeup if you frequently get acne problems. In addition to washing your face in the morning, wash your face at night to get rid of any makeup for a calmer, brighter complexion.

For Sleep-Deprived Dudes

Awoke with the appearance of a Walking Dead extra? Reserve the deathly look for Halloween fancy dress events. Dull, lifeless skin the rest of the year is a surefire indication that you haven't face-planted a pillow for long enough. Enjoy your morning coffee with a helping of makeup.

Step 1. Sod the slices of cucumber. Roll Gentlehomme Eye Roller Serum for Men over your additional undereye luggage instead to feel less like a salad bowl. Look for a composition loaded up with caffeine to liven up droopy peepers.

Step 2. Fight off the look of weary, sluggish skin with a ginseng-infused primer or CC base to amp up your blood circulation. It’s like giving your skin a double dose of espresso.

Step 3. In the same way green may be used to combat redness, lavender tones work a treat at giving a sallow complexion a pick-me-up. Wherever it's most needed, grab a color corrector in stick form to instantly brighten dull skin that looks zombie-like.

Step 4. A tinted moisturizer can help night owls give their cheeks a little vitality (in the most modest way possible). They provide instantaneous healthy color enhancement. Plus, most offer bonus sun protection for when you see daytime hours, too.

For Daily Casual Look

Congratulations if you're fortunate enough to have skin that isn't prone to blemishes, wrinkles, or spots. But let's face it—unless you're one of the Hemsworth brothers, even normal skin occasionally needs a little pick-me-up. To highlight your best features, choose modest, multipurpose masculine makeup.

Step 1. Eyebrows may make the largest change to your face - just ask Liam Gallagher. Use a clear brow gel sparingly to clean up unruly hairs and look instantly more together. Just keep in mind to quickly tweeze away any monobrow fluff using Gentlehomme Beard, Eyebrow, & Facial Hair Tweezers.

Step 2. You should be able to discover a base product that does everything in one easy step if you have no significant skin troubles. Find a primer with an integrated SPF that moisturizes, mattifies, or both, depending on what your skin most needs.

Step 3. Only apply a small amount of concealer where it is truly necessary, such as on the occasional blemish or under the eyes. Choose a convenient stick or pen that applies the makeup for you rather than messy liquid solutions.

Step 4. Without touching your girlfriend's, sister's, or mother's mascara wand, how do you achieve the open-eyed look? The hidden weapon of Hollywood men is an eyelash curler. Simply hold the tool for a few seconds as close to your lash line as you can.

Step 5. Lips that are dry and chapped never look good. To prevent your lips from looking shiny or as though you are wearing lip gloss, reach for a matte lip balm. See: Gentlehomme Lip Repair Balm for Men with SPF 15.

End the Stereotypes; Grab Your First Makeup Now!

We have come to a generation where makeup is now genderless. Social platforms and celebrities have influenced guys to be limitless when presenting their faces. Now that you have learned things you need to know about make up products for men and how to properly use them in certain scenarios, you can now enhance your face depending on your type and needs.

To give you more choice and decide on quality cosmetics, Gentlehomme is the perfect companion for you. We provide premium skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products, specially made for a man's skin and taste. Contact us today through our Contact Form or call us at +1-424-290-1860.

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